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Guilty Pleasures – Back Street Boys

I think I’m going to make this a regular thing.  Last Friday, I mentioned that everyone has a beloved song that is so painfully bad or generally shameworthy.  Yet – defying all semblances of logic and dignity – when that song comes on, up goes the volume.  I’m here to tell you that you’ve found your safe haven.  Crank it up, sing it loud, and throw in a few fist pumps!!!

Ok, so maybe this one isn’t fist-pump worthy.   I’m sure there are many homophobes out there (probably none of my three readers) who say it’s actually fisting worthy.  Some of you are probably thinking that any semblance of testicles  my urologist left me with are permanently gone.  (You’re right on that one).   I don’t care!   This post is about Guilty Pleasures – and this song takes up two spots in my top-five Guilty Pleasures list.

It seems they are on tour this year with The New Kids on the Block.  What?  No N’Sync?  I realize that Justin Timberlake’s far too big for them now, but couldn’t the rest of the guys rally behind JC Chasez?   OK, maybe not, but his “Blowin’ Me Up” song is pretty damn good.  Now, I have no interest in doing so, but anyone wanting to hook up with a Cougar should hit up this concert –  there’s going to be more there than you can shake a stick at.  Happy Hunting!

PS: This video of some officemates doing this song is pretty good, too…

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6 comments on “Guilty Pleasures – Back Street Boys

  1. Max Doinel
    June 24, 2011

    “fisting worthy”???? This post may be going where few posts have gone before (except Dan Savage’s site).

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