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Guilty Pleasures – Dead or Alive Part 2

I took some flack for that last week’s Guilty Pleasure – Dead or Alive.  So I thought I’d bury myself even deeper with another dose of long-haired, androgynous cowboys.

Last week I lamented about the recent 80s revival as exhibited in movies, fashion, and appearance of 80s artists and songs at Lollapalooza.  But the strong 80s influences are all over the radio these days.  One big way is the revival of 808s – electronic beats made by the Roland TR-808 drum synthesizer.   Back then it was used by David Byrne (solo acoustic Psycho Killer from the movie “Stop Making Sense”), the Beastie Boys and even by Marvin Gaye on “Sexual Healing”.  By far, the best use had to have been LL Cool J’s Going Back to Cali:


Now 808s are all over the place – Outkast, Kanye West, Black Eyed Peas…  But it’s not just hiphop artists that are channeling their inner-80s.  None other than Lady Gaga is getting in on the act as well.  Her “Born This Way” is described as either a tribute or complete rip-off of Madonna, depending on how you look at it.  But I think a better example is “You and I”:


OK, the video’s pretty messed up with her as a mermaid and robot.  What’s even more of a mindfuck is that there are glimpses of her in the video where she actually looks HOT.

But musically it reminds me a lot of this week’s Guilty Pleasure – Bon Jovi’s Dead or Alive.  Think about it – they’re both big, fist-pumping rock anthems about the road and hardship, complete with huge guitar solos.  I really like the Gaga song, but I get the sense that the whole thing’s a tongue-in-cheek homage to 80s rock.  So by definition, it can’t be a Guilty Pleasure.    Now, Bon Jovi with their cheesy earnestness, that’s a different story…

I think I have a video clip of a friend and I doing this song – she’s on vocals, I’m on guitar.  But alas, four videos in week is a wee too much.

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