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Football! Week 4: Poached Pear Recipe

Last week’s guest food item was a Michigan-grown pear.  Previously, I referred to the veggies as males so I decided to switch it around some and refer to the pear as a female.  Unfortunately for her, she only got seven correct.  I could have easily made a joke about women not knowing jack about football and probably included another about their inability to drive.  But I’m not a sexist person (sexy yes, sexist no).  Women do know plenty about football.  And everyone knows the only population that doesn’t know how to drive is us Asians.

Pears Poached in Merlot

Pictured with wine used for poaching - 181 Merlot from Lodi. Disappointing for drinking, great for cooking.)

This is a recipe I got a long time ago from a friend, Dr. John La Puma.  I’ve modified it over the years, but it’s generally the same idea.  I really should write a separate post about him some time, because he’s got a great story.  Briefly, he was a doctor in Chicago that went back and went to culinary school and did some time at Rick Bayless’ Topolobampo.  He created C.H.E.F. Clinic (Cooking, Healthy Eating, and Fitness) which was devoted to educating patients about healthy eating and wellness.  Since then he’s written several books and is often on TV.  Check him out at or

I tell you all this a) to name drop on you and b) because his original version was pretty healthy and low calorie; it didn’t have the sugar and resulting syrup as mine does.  The sweetness in his came from a honeyed yogurt.  I think I lost the original recipe, but if it turns up I’ll post it.

–       2 cups Merlot or other big fruity, but dry, California wine

–       ¼ cup sugar

–       zest of an orange – use a big piece instead of using a zester. It’ll keep the sauce cleaner.

–       cinnamon stick

–       6 cloves

–       4 pears, firmer the better

–       Bring everything but the pears to a simmer.

–       While that’s going, peel the pears up to the stem (leave stem on).  Slice off a small piece off the bottom of the pears so they stand up.

–       Put the pears in the pan on their sides, cover the pan, and gently simmer for about 15 minutes.  Flip them around every few minutes so they’re evenly cooked and colored.

–       Stand them up and let them cool. Chill the whole pan in the fridge for a few hours.

–       Remove them from the pan and simmer the liquid gently until it becomes a syrup.  Pour over the pears.

Week 4 Picks

This week’s guest is a sinfully long English cucumber.

Let’s see how he does…

Wow, wonder why the spellcheck didn’t work in my column…

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