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Guilty Pleasures – Sussudio

Before I get into this song, I want to get you revved up about next week’s Guilty Pleasure.  I’m not going to tell you what it is now, but it’s easily one of the greatest rock songs ever written…

I was up late a couple of nights ago working on yesterday’s football picks/cucumber recipe post and turned on the tv to catch the last half hour of Pulp Fiction.  It was exactly at my favorite scene in a movie chockfull of memorable scenes.  It’s when Jules and Vincent are in Jimmy’s kitchen trying to smooth things over with Jimmy as they are using his garage for “dead n-word storage” –

Jules (drinking coffee): G-damn, Jimmy, this some serious gourmet sh!t. Me and Vincent would’ve been satisfied with some freeze-dried Taster’s Choice. Right? Huh.. He springs this serious gourmet sh!t on us.  What flavor is this?

If you’ve ever read the About the Hedonist page, you will know that I absolutely HATE the word “gourmet”.  I can’t explain it.  I just hate the word.  And clowns… I despise clowns.  But Samuel L. Jackson has my permission to say that word any day.

So that got me thinking about this week’s Guilty Pleasure – Phil Collins’ 1985 hit “Sussudio”.  I really detested this song when it came out.  First, it sounded a lot like Prince’s “1999”.  I loved Prince and didn’t take to kindly to people stealing from him.  More importantly, I was a big fan of Genesis.  I was a little too young to understand the prog-rock heavy version of the band with Peter Gabriel (actually as an old man now, I still don’t understand that version of the band).  But the Phil Collins version of Genesis was pretty cool at the time with songs like “Misunderstanding”, “Turn it On Again”, and “Paperlate”.  So when he came out with Sussudio, I immediately cried “SELLOUT!”

As time went by, I realized that just about every band starts to suck if they hold out long enough.   Just look at recently broken-up REM.  Sadly, the only ones that don’t end up sucking are the ones that breakup prematurely or die.  I seriously doubt Nirvana would be anywhere near as cool if they were still around today.  Heck, Eddie Vedder’s last album sounds like Kenny Loggins.  So with aged eyes, I’ve softened my hatred for Sussudio and can appreciate it for it’s own merits.

So what does Sussudio have to do with Pulp Fiction?  At around the 58 second mark there’s a guy who I swear is Quentin Tarentino, the director of Pulp Fiction.  He’s the guy at the bar that looks like he’s a Flock of Seagulls reject…

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4 comments on “Guilty Pleasures – Sussudio

  1. Max
    October 7, 2011

    No, no, no, and a thousand times no! This son will never be a guilty pleasure of mine. It’s all guilt, and no pleasure. Phil’s solo career is all right by me. One of these days I’ll have to bounce a few guilty pleasures of my own. Maybe it’ll be an all Hall & Oates edition.

  2. Anonymous
    October 7, 2011

    Good call, that’s totally Quentin!!

    [Hedonist: comment modified to remove my identifying info…]

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