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A Very Special Guilty Pleasures – Ballad of The Green Berets

So I cracked a Penn State joke a little too soon – a former coworker mentioned another as saying “People are all up your butt and stuff”.  I reminded him that the person who said that went to PSU.  She actually did.  So it wasn’t necessarily about the actual situation, which completely sickens me, but a sideways reference to it.  Nevertheless I’m feeling a little remorseful about it.  So as penance I’m not going to post the Guilty Pleasure I was planning on today.

Instead, I’m going to do something along lines of those “Very Special Episodes” that sitcoms used to occasionally have.  Remember those?  Like the “Very Special Episode of All in the Family” when Edith got raped?  Or “A Very Special Episode of Diff’rent Strokes” when Arnold and Dudley went over to the hobby shop owner’s house where he took shirtless pictures of them jumping on a trampoline?  The hobby shop guy was played by the late actor Gordon Jump, who was known for his role as the Maytag Repair Man.

It was indeed a serious topic well done, but the unintentional effect on me is that I can’t go into a hobby shop anymore.

I don’t think sitcoms are doing those any more, probably because there are enough other shows to handle the topics.  Or maybe people didn’t like their comedies getting serious.   Some of them were pretty cheesy so I guess “Very Special Episodes” are a Guilty Pleasure.

Anyway, it’s Veteran’s Day here in the United States and I thought I’d give a shout out and thanks to the men and women who served our country.  This 1966 song is from Sgt Barry Sadler and was a tribute to the military in the middle of the Vietnam War.  Yet it still flew up to #1 on the charts and stayed there for five weeks.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m as patriotic as the next person and I truly appreciate the sacrifices that Green Berets made.  But c’mon, this song is ridiculous…

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2 comments on “A Very Special Guilty Pleasures – Ballad of The Green Berets

  1. The Sicilian
    November 11, 2011

    Edith got raped?

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