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Burrito Updates for November 2011 – We’re International now!

Last month saw some burrito reviews from Atlanta, New York, and California.  This month, we have another from California and, I’m proud to announce, the first international review.  It’s a doozy!  Obviously, it’s hard to say exactly how good it tasted, but you can’t beat a guy making them on a street corner in Buenos Aires.  I’m still hoping to get scores from a reviewers in London and Canada, so stay tuned!

Special thanks to Foodoofus and The Grub Daily for their contributions this month.  They have well-written sites, go visit them!

Burrito Boy

Reviewer: The Grub Daily. Click here for full review and pictures.

Restaurant Description: Located on corner of Defensa and Chile in the San Telmo barrio of Buenos Aires, is Burrito Boy. He doesn’t have a proper restaurant with tables and chairs, but he has a styrofoam container serving hands down the best burritos in Argentina. It is a shiny, foil-wrapped, piece of heaven.

That’s what she said: Everything is homemade from the burrito shells to the hot sauce. And the price is right at just 10 pesos! Sometimes street food is the best food, and Burrito Boy is the Mexican Master.

Price: 10 Pesos, ~$2.50

Atmosphere = 3. There may not be any table or chairs, but your standing in the middle of a market in one of Buenos Aires’ most artsy areas. Prime people watching.

Taste = 5. The homemade burrito shell is an experience, only to be outdone by the homemade tomatillo sauce.

Heft = 4. The burrito is a little shy on the meat (keep in mind it’s 10 pesos), but it’s packed with rice, beans, and cheesy goodness.

Messiness = 4. The wrapping method is flawless, but get ready to be covered in that delicious red tomatillo sauce!

Intangibles = 5. The guy selling the burritos is a character and will talk to you the whole time, just remember to bring your own beer!

Total Score = 21

West Coast Tacos

Hipsters love food trucks, hence the Hipstamatic app pictures

Restaurant Description:

Food truck roaming the mean streets of Indianapolis.   I had high hopes for this because it was a food truck and because Los Angeles is on the west coast and they have a strong, vibrant Mexican community.   But alas, the west coast also has a ton of Asians and that may be where they get their name.  A little research uncovered that the owners are indeed Asian, which explains the ridiculous inclusion of Teriyaki chicken on the menu.

Yes you read the above right - no lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, or sour cream.

This was tough for me review.  I wasn’t impressed at all with this burrito. I’m all for street food and small independents, but I’d be doing you a disservice if I rated it higher than I did.  And it wouldn’t be fair to other burrito places.  It was intentionally different than most burritos; it consisted of a small amount of beef, beans, rice, onions, cilantro and hot sauce.  Just goes to show – you don’t send in an Asian to do a Mexican’s job.  Unless said Asian is Filipino.  Represent!

Price: $6

Atmosphere = 5, it’s a Food truck! Lots o’ cool factor.

Size = 2, limited ingredients, but still small.

Taste =  2, meat was good and sauce ok heat-wise, but something was very salty.

Messiness = 4, tightly rolled and greasy

Intangibles = 2, Good job on toasting the shell, but missed the boat on lack of ingredients.  I really think cheese is a necessity.

Total Score = 15

Los 3 Panchos

Restaurant description:

Small independent, open late.  I’ve been to this restaurant late night a few times with El Douchebag, but I believe ownership changed hands since.  I wasn’t particularly impressed with it before, but this latest incarnation blew my socks off.  As the scores indicate, this is the closest thing to perfection I’ve had since I’ve started The Guide.    I almost feel bad dinging it 1 point for not-so-tight roll, but at least that gives me hope that there’s a perfect burrito out there.

Price: $8.75, plus $1 for avocado

Atmosphere = 5.  This place isn’t a complete dump, but it’s close.  Higher consideration for the proliferation of Jesus icons – pictures, candles, statues – and the random picture of Pope John Paul II.  Even if youre not Catholic, but that stuff’s gotta count for something. I tried to score a picture, but the guy was giving me the stink eye.

Taste = 5.  Firm, crisp meat cut in small pieces to hold the spices.  Not overly salty, everything meshed perfectly.

Heft = 5.  As big as my laptop, with ZERO rice inside.  So that’s all meat.

Messiness = 4.  High marks for being greasy juicy, but it started to fall apart – had to knife and fork it.

Intangibles = 5.  Toasted shell and sauce was maximum of spice and flavor, yet balanced.  Open late night.

Overall Score = 24

Casa Adelita

Reviewer: The Foodoofus. Click here for full review and pictures.

Restaurant Description: Behold, Hawaiian Gardens (CA). A place where there’s not much of Hawaii but there’s a ton of plazas that could serve as substitute gardens.  At first glance, it’s your standard run of the mill Mexican joint (or late night grub spot, depending if you’re that type of person; drunk, high, whatever).

What he said: The mystery is no more, as I split this burrito in half. Out comes an explosion of white rice, cilantro, a hint of red pepper spice and of course enough Carne Asada to sustain your carnivorous cravings. Mix it well with the condiments provided and you got yourself a chewy, beefy, cheesy, runny and hearty type of dish; Serving as the symbolic qualities you expect from a traditional Mexican meal.

Price: $5-6

Atmosphere = 3.  Authentically mexican, but booth seating reminds me of taco bell.

Taste = 3. Tasty and complete flavor profile, but reminds me too much of an obese enchilada.

Heft = 4.  Solid burrito, just runny with the extra cheese and tomato sauce.

Messiness = 3. Definitely compact, but got kinda messy after I cut it in half

Intangibles = 3. Overall decent and authentic, but I’m sure there is better.

Total Score = 16

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  1. Foodoofus
    December 1, 2011

    Thank you for the pingback Mr. F&W Hedonist, appreciate the support. Will most certainly return the favor, have a great rest of the week!

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