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Burrito Guide Updates – December 2011

I had a whole bunch of burritos this month, but mostly from places I’ve already reviewed.  I’m starting to run low on new burrito places in Ann Arbor, but I’m not too concerned about running out of places to review.  We’re starting to see some improvement in the economy and with that improvement, I think people will have more discretionary income.  Hopefully that will translate to more people getting suckered investing more in local burrito start-ups.

If not, I guess I’ll have to make more “research trips” to Chicago.  Life’s rough…

Speaking of Chicago, the sisters at Baking Me Hungry have been posting a lot from Chicago.  They’ve visited some stellar places there – Sunda, Xoco, Boka – but no burritos.   But they did contribute with a review of a burrito from Boston.   We also got  a review from MichellesWordpressYay of a burrito place in fabulous Malibu, CA.

El Pelon Taqueria

Reviewer: Baking Me Hungry. Click here for full review and pictures.

Restaurant Description: Local Boston Mexican eatery.  Voted best burrito in Boston for 2011.

That’s what they said: The bean and cheese (B-Chz) goodness is heaven on earth. I love the combination of seasoned black beans, seasoned rice, melty and zesty jack cheese, lettuce, salsa and crema and a twist of lime, all for $4.50. This item brings back so many memories. I fought through my halfway mark, created a space in my stomach and heart for the second half and it was worth it.

Price: $6.50, + .75 for guacamole

Atmosphere = 4. Could use additional seating.

Taste = 5

Heft = 5.  You really have to power through, and it is worth it.

Messiness = 4. Very well contained, not messy at all, the burrito is overstuffed with plantains which can fall out.

Intangibles = 5 Amazing flavor combinations

Total Score = 24

Habana’s Café

Reviewer: Michelle. Click here for full review and pictures.

That’s what she said: How often I think about this burrito: daily

Restaurant Description: The third Habana’s restaurant is located in Malibu, CA.  Great for fun night out with friends or a date. Authentic decor, unique cocktails, friendly staff, and various Cuban and Mexican influenced menu options range tofu enchiladas to fish tacos.

Price: $14. Choice of chicken or skirt steak.

Atmosphere = 4. This Cuban style restaurant and bar with cozy partial outdoor seating creates a mellow yet vibrant ambiance for Malibu locals, celebs and shoppers.

Taste = 5. Warm, soft, tortilla tightly wraps tender melt-in-your-mouth steak, black beans, rice and cheese. House made guacamole is generous, thick and sweet, while balanced with lime and cilantro.

Heft = 2.  The steak makes this a filling meal for an underachiever, but the burrito has 1/3 the dignity of the acclaimed I’m-so-full-I-could-die-happily-under-the-table-feeling.

Messiness = 1. Can easily be eaten like a lady.

Intangibles = 4. Fresh ingredients but slightly disappointing portions, sassy night-out energy, good location right off of the Pacific Coast Highway and within Malibu Country Mart outdoor shopping center.

Overall score = 16

Los Amigos

Review: The Food and Wine Hedonist

Restaurant Description: Free-standing family restaurante at the mall.  This is the third different owner in the last 5 years.  It was really busy, but so were all the other versions in the same space.  So who knows if this place will stick around.

Price: $11.74 for fajitas grandes burrito

Ambiance = 2.  Lots of visual interest, including suspended model train which was a holdover from pre-Mexican restaurant days – probably years ago.  Never heard of the railroad being a big part of Mexican lore, but I suppose it’s easier to keep it than tear it out.

Taste = 2. The beans were really good, but the beef was bland and really tough.  The cheese sauce was flavorless.

Heft = 5.  This was an absolute behemoth.  Huge is an understatement.

Messiness = 2. It was a knife-and-fork deal, but not particularly greasy juicy.

Intangibles = 5. Handmade tortilla was great and the smoky salsa was very hot.

Total Score = 16

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5 comments on “Burrito Guide Updates – December 2011

  1. Yinzerella
    January 4, 2012

    Are you looking for burrito reviewers in other cities? My bf likes a good burrito and there are available burritos in the Baltimore area.

    • Petrica
      February 19, 2013

      I’ve never even heard of those! But I have a few of those not-so-good Tina’s burritos in my feerzer and so I probably should look into some of these!

  2. thefoodandwinehedonist
    January 4, 2012

    Absolutely! I want to get as many reviews as I can on the Guide. We have reviews from MA, NY, CA, IL, MI, GA and one from Argentina. There’s a link on the Guide that will say where to send them. All I need are scores, a couple sentences about the place, and some snazzy nickname – unless he wants to be referred to as Mr Yinzerella. Thanks a bunch!

  3. ali wambere
    January 4, 2012

    You made me laugh. Pretty good stuff. I love burritos, when I migrated to the States, first stop was Santa Cruz Cali. first meal a burrito. And got hooked. My other favorite is Chimichanga. Anyways, good stuff

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