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Burrito Updates for February 2012

After my disappointment in the burritos I had in Mexico, it was good to get back and have some authentic American burritos.

La Pasadita

THIS is what a proper burrito place looks like...

Restaurant Description:  Northside Chicago legendary taqueria. It first opened in the mid 70s in a small space on Ashland and Division.  It ended up doing so well that they ended up buying the place across the street – and named it La Pasadita.  After some time, it really built up a following that allowed them to buy the place right next door.  You guessed it – they named it La Pasadita.

Three meat choices available: steak, barbacoa, and lengua (tongue).  My burrito had steak, cilantro, and onions.  I didn’t realize until I left that tomato and guacamole were also available, but still no beans and cheese on the menu.  This coulda been a contender, but lack of key ingredients hurt it.  I’ve ripped on Moe’s and Chipotle for having too many choices because I’ve always preferred when a proprietor said, “Here’s what I think a burrito should be.”  But it’s tough to even call La Pasadita’s version a burrito.  If anything, it’s just a Philly in a tortilla.  Oh wait, those have cheese.


Ambience = 5.  We went to the original one (I think… you can’t really tell).  This is exactly what a burrito joint should be.

This was the window at our table. Seriously, WTF is that?

Taste = 5.  I debated giving it this score, but the meat was beautifully spiced and expertly prepared.

Heft = 2. A tad on the small side.

Messiness = 3.

Intangibles = 3.  Lack of key ingredients hurt it.

Total Score = 18

The Tap Room

Reviewer: Novarino

Restaurant Description: Historic bar and live music venue in downtown Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor’s funky neighbor.  Great place to have a drink and catch a local band.

About $8

Ambience = 5.

Taste = 2.

Heft = 4.

Messiness = 5.

Intangibles = 2.  “A little heavy on the lettuce”

Total Score = 18

Pizza Pino

Restaurant Description: I don’t think anyone goes to this place before 2am.    As the name implies, it’s a pizza place that said, “Hey, we have food workers.  Let’s sell burritos.”


Ambience = 1.  There’s nothing Mexican about the place.

Taste = 2.  The meat was gristly and underseasoned but the beans, rice, and cheese tasted good.

Heft = 2.

Messiness = 1.  Fell apart pretty quickly.

Intangibles – 3: Location is primo, stumbling distance from all the downtown bars.  Plus it’s open late.  Real late.

Total Score = 9

Sabor de Mexico

Reviewer: Michelle,

Restaurant Description: Sabor de Mexico is a small and easy to miss Chipotle concept lunch joint located in New York City’s Financial District, only steps away from the World Trade Center site.

That’s what she said:  Awesome, in her post  she did a couple of haikus.  Here’s one:

Bountiful molé

Warm indulgent burrito

Oxytocin. Die.

Price: $13, includes a side of guacamole (a charming 1 oz. “side”)

Taste = 4. While you have the option to choose between spicy and mild, the mild’s hotness was a little overbearing to the many desirable flavors tucked inside this burrito. The concept and taste can be described as being similar to Chipotle’s filler options, but much tastier. It was evident in one bite that the ingredients were homemade. If this category was “Flavor,” Sabor a Mexico would score a 5 for the double digit flavors absorbed by its homemade tortilla.

Ambiance = 3

Heft = 5. This brick-sized burrito was an absolute monster. It definitely weighed more than my handbag. Despite skipping breakfast and taking a late lunch, I was only able to finish half. “What kind of animal has the audacity to order an entire burrito from here?!” I asked myself as I removed layers of clothing and placed a wet cloth on my neck at my work desk.

Messiness = 2. An easy and clean meal, unless you smear guac all over it (which I highly recommend).

Intangibles = 3. Sabor a Mexico offers beer, various slow cooked meat options, limited seating and an authentic Mexican recipes, conversation and decor.

Overall score = 17

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2 comments on “Burrito Updates for February 2012

  1. Socialkenny
    February 29, 2012

    Who would’ve thought you could get disappointed with a burrito in Mexico lol?With that said,I’m wondering if pizzas in Italy are disappointments too.

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