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Guilty Pleasures – One for the Hipsters

Boom Boom and I were out with having some cocktails with some friends and the suggestion was made to go to The Last Word, a newly opened hipster bar here.  I was dreading it.  The former occupant was a live jazz bar and I’ve heard TLW would continue the tradition.  And you know how I feel about jazzStrike One.

The bar’s namesake is a Prohibition-era cocktail that originated at the Detroit Athletic Club and is now the rage for hipsters across the nation.  We had them for New Year’s Eve and I posted the recipe then.  I have a general disdain for retro-anything fads – drinks, fashion, pubic hairstyles.  So going to a place that’s supposed to have some retro Speakeasy vibe named after an 80 year old drink was not something I was looking forward to.  Strike Two.

He went full hipster. You never go full hipster. (

But when we walked in, there wasn’t a band playing, therefore no jazz.  They also had a great selection of Belgian beers to go along with their cocktail list.  I started to think I was making a big fuss over nothing; that I judged this hipster book by its cover.

So we got settled at a table and started chatting away.  But as the night progressed, The Architect and I found ourselves occasionally stopping mid-sentence, distracted by some awesome song that was playing.  First it was The Clash…  Then Joy Division…  Then Echo & The Bunnymen… All bands we loved.  It really felt like they were playing a 1980s greatest hits mix made especially for us.  As I mentioned before, the 80s were when I came into my own and hearing all the songs I used to love so much really put me in a good mood.  These were great songs that were “Alternative” before anyone ever knew of the term.  I started thinking that this hipster jazz bar isn’t that bad.  I started to rethink this notion of mine that these retro-fads were more than cheesy nostalgia.  They could provoke true emotions and feelings.  Feelings I haven’t felt in such a long time.

Then Steve Winwood’s “Higher Love” came on. Strike Three.

Instead of the original version, I thought I’d post one from a band that’s huge amongst hipsters right now –Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.  See? I just made you instantly cool.  Which is a total hipster thing to say…

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