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Ten Facts about…

Yes, yes, thank you, thank you!  I’ve been given the Kreativ award from Christy Farmer who describes herself as a contemporary and historical fiction writer somewhere in the South.  Her blog is for lovers of literature, either as readers or writers.  She also offers some advice on how to be a better writer/blogger – stuff I’ve obviously neglected to follow…

Looking back at when I won the Lobster Liebster award, it seems I was little too snarky about it.  Yes, I still maintain that these blogger awards are very chainletter-esque in that there’s a requirement to nominate other bloggers and pass it along.   But it is a nice gesture, even without the shiny trophy or promise of tapping into the Nigerian treasury.  One thing that it does accomplish well is to bring attention to other great blogs that you might not otherwise come across.

The rules for accepting The Kreativ Award are that we tell readers 10 facts about ourselves and then pass the award on to six fellow bloggers. The temptation is there to award these to some of the incredible bloggers that I’ve nominated before (Hyacinth) or others that have nominated me before (Yinzerella).  But that is kind of cheap.

So I’m going to go full-on cheap and include both of my contributors on this list of nominated bloggers:

Now the moment you all have been waiting for – 10 facts about myself:

1. I learned to cook from watching my dad.  He never baked, though, which is probably why I suck at it.

2. I can play piano and guitar somewhat decently, but mostly covers. Any original music I’ve tried to write has been absolute 100% unadulterated horse crap.  Only slightly better than that commercial where the kid’s singing, “Kristen, you’re such a good listener…”

3. I really wish I could dance like Chris Brown.

4. A dream come true for me would be that my kids grow up to be independent, free-thinking, decisive adults who rarely give a crap about what people think about them. But in a much more positive way than their father.

5. I have no idea why I’m still living north of Miami.

6. I can’t swim.  I literally sink to the bottom of the pool.  Watching me swim is complete comic hilarity. For you, not me.

7. Past vacation places I want to go back to – Paris, Kusadasi (Turkey), St. Barth’s.

8. I can name more pro wrestlers than US Presidents.  I can also name more porno stars than anyone I know. Although I don’t know many others that are willing to admit they know more than a few.

9. Obviously, I love food, wine, and music.  But I’m also very much into interior design and fashion.  And yes, I’m straight.

10. Three of my all-time favorite songs are – Let’s Get it On, I Want You to Want Me, and Golddigger.  Although, I’d have to say “We Are Young” is about to replace one of those.

About thefoodandwinehedonist

I don't know everything about the world of food and wine, but I'm not going to let a small detail like that stop me from blogging about it.

7 comments on “Ten Facts about…

  1. Hyacinth
    March 21, 2012

    I still haven’t forgotten your kudos. One of these days I’ll get around to it! xx

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  3. WhiteElephantInTheRoom
    April 16, 2012

    I think I can name more Friends characters than Presidents. Thus, I recently purchased Presidential flashcards from the kids section at Barnes & Noble. I’m no better off.

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