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Burrito Guide Updates for March 2012: Eastern Hemisphere in da house!

I’m getting ever closer in my quest for world burrito domination!  Two of these reviews come from Asia and Australia so that leaves just Europe and Africa as the only unrepresented continents.  I was supposed to get reviews from England  and Germany, but those haven’t materialized yet.  Hopefully, I’ll hear from them soon.

And yes, I know Antarctica is a continent, but I’m not sure I’ll be getting any reviews for El Burrito del Penguinos any time soon. 

I’m always happy to get reviews, so if you’ve had any burritos you loved or hated, send me those scores!  Heck, send ‘em if they were mediocre, too.

Mad Mex – Sydney, Australia

Reviewer: Tytuin.  Original post here

Restaurant Description:  Chipotle-style in a food court.

$9.90 +$2 for guacamole (I’m assuming those are Australian bucks)




That’s what they said:

I knew I would certainly miss people while here in Australia. However, I didn’t expect to miss some things about the United States. And no, its not air conditioning or SUVs or McDonalds or naive optimism. It is Mexican food. I couldn’t imagine LA making it as a multi-ethnic, multi-media metropolis without food trucks. Sydney literally has zero of them. I don’t understand how they do it.

Ambience = 3

Taste = 3

Heft = 4

Messiness = 5

Intangibles = 2. Missing important elements: cilantro, lime, good salsa, correct guacamole. It was only ok. Also, freakin’ expensive!

Total Score = 17.


Miguels Mexican – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Reviewer: Travelspoon, Original post here

Restaurant Description: 3 locations around Chiang Mai, diner style, family friendly.

150-180 baht ($5-$6)

That’s what she said:

We’ve been going to Miguel’s Mexican for years now, but every time I forget to take pictures…mainly cause the foods sooo good I can’t wait to eat it. They have a big variety of great Mexican food and everything tastes good, my personal favourite is the Taco beef salad it’s served in a huge taco shell with heaps of salad, sour cream, eggs, minced beef and refried beans!

Ambience = 4

Taste = 4

Heft = 5

Messiness = 3

Intangibles = 4

Total Score = 20

Stadium Market

Reviewer: The Hedonist

Restaurant Description: Not really a restaurant.  It’s a liquor store with some snacks and a food counter in the back.

Price: $3.99



Ambience = 2.  Sure, it’s not even a restaurant but the beer, wine, and liquor selection more than make up for lack of Mexican vibe.

Taste = 3. Surprisingly tasty with good spice

Heft = 4. Dense and heavy.

Messiness = 3. Nice amount of grease.

Intangibles = 1.  Only had ground beef.  It was also premade, so I had to microwave it.

Total Score = 13

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4 comments on “Burrito Guide Updates for March 2012: Eastern Hemisphere in da house!

  1. amandakatarina
    April 6, 2012

    The “Miguels Mexican – Chiang Mai, Thailand” one looks soooooooo good!

  2. musenwrite
    April 6, 2012

    I had Burritos when I travelled to Barcelona during the winter vacation, the Mexican couple were very friendly and their food specially the Burritos tasted so good. I had 4 of them ! 🙂

    • thefoodandwinehedonist
      April 6, 2012

      4? I’m guessing they weren’t huge? Thanks for stopping by!

      • musenwrite
        April 6, 2012

        I didnt know at first, but then I saw they were of medium size. so I had all 4 🙂

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