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Ho hum, More Awardz

Seems I have to add Kreativ Blogger to my long list of accolades.  My homie The Hedonizzle nominated me because his lazy ass didn’t want to take the time to give a shout-out to anyone else.  Plus he knew that anything with my name on it is GUARANTEED to get him more site views.  I’m cool with that.  With page views come the possibility of some advertising money.  And with the possibility of that cheddar comes the possibility his broke ass will pay me back those five dollas he owes me.

I’m new to this blogging shiznit, so I don’t know what this Kreativ Blogger award will get me.   I know that when I got the Herschel McCucchio Rapper of the Decade award, I got a years supply of Windex, which was cool.   On the other hand, I got that big-assed check from the Twin Cities Area Board of Travel Agents, but the thing won’t fit in any ATM envelopes.

That wasn’t the only thing shorty handed over to me…

But props are props, right?

The rules are I’m supposed tell y’all 10 facts about myself and nominate 6 other bloggers. I want to give a shout-out to those brave bloggers who had the courage to “Like” my last post.  I’ve heard from so many people how much my posts changed their lives (I’m looking at you Wiz Khalifa and Maury Povich), but they’re afraid to let it be known.  They’re all trippin’ with the Political Correctness.  It’s cool, just remember that karma’s a beyotch.

So here are the other bloggers.  They all have mad blogging skillz so it’s best y’all go there right away. Ya heard me?

The Hungry Giant

The Postmodern Housepartner  

Fashion & Style Guru  


Creative Noshing 

Go Guilty Pleasures

10 Facts about Sir Mix-A-Lotta-Ingredients

1. People assume that yours truly is a fine, upstanding black man and they are mostly right. Lemme set the record straight – I’m fine and upstanding, but I don’t follow those labels like black, white, Asian, latino.  I am a child of the world.  Church!

2. I used to be a freelance Gynecologist, til I found out that’s not entirely legal.

3. I learned all my culinary skillz from the best instructor in the world.  (Fingers pointing to me.)

4. I had some major R&B/Hip hop hits in the late 90s with hits like “Ya’ll Know the Struggle”, “Homies Need Skillz”, and my remix of the great Jaco Pastorius jazz tune “Kuru/Speak Like  A Child”.

5. Y’all can’t find any of those hits anywhere.  I voluntarily removed them from the ‘net so I can bring in the benjiez in a few years with special edition releases.

6. My inspiration in the kitchen and in many parts of my life is Martha Stewart.  Damn, she’s fine.

7. As much as I talk smack about The Hedonizzle, he’s one of my main homies.  Him and Babu the Funkee Hindu.

8. I usually get all my clothes from Banana Republic.

9. My main preference for transportation is walking so I don’t get all fat like other kitchen-working gangstaz like Emeril and Batali.

10. When I do drive, I prefer to take “Old Skool”, my 1976 custom-painted candy red Cutlass Supreme with 19-inch Dayton rims.  I also own a Subaru for when I visit The Hedonizzle.  Seems all the ladies in Ann Arbor love Subarus.

Anything else y’all want to know about Sir Mix-a-Lotta-Ingredients?

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Big time playa pimp in the kitchen.

12 comments on “Ho hum, More Awardz

  1. gojulesgo
    May 15, 2012

    Whoa, do you have a whole new look and feel up in here, or are my cough suppressants even stronger than I thought? Assuming I’m not hallucinating (or even if I am, I suppose), I really like it!

    Thank you so much for the nomination! #2 on your list really got me giggling slash coughing 😉

    • pimpchef
      May 16, 2012

      Man, #2 was fun while it lasted but when one asked me to birth her child I knew it was time to get the hell outta that. You have to check with Hedonizzle on that design stuff. That’s his bidness.

      Babu sez to hit up some Chamomile for that condition… Get well

  2. Fashion & Style Guru
    May 15, 2012


    Fashion & Style Guru

    • pimpchef
      May 16, 2012

      Your welcome. Keep doing that what you do.

  3. lolabees
    May 15, 2012

    Hey thanks, pimpchef! Your posts really do change my life 😉

    • pimpchef
      May 16, 2012

      I aim to please.

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  6. amandakatarina
    May 17, 2012

    I am waiting eagerly to hear these hits.

    • pimpchef
      May 30, 2012

      I’d send you some, but I haven’t had time to get in the studio to remaster the tapes. Been busy makin sauces and other bidness.

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