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Did you miss me?

If you answered “Yes” to the question above, congratulations!  You may be among the ranks of people who have previously subscribed to this blog who have NOT been getting notifications of new posts.  This may apply to those who get emails and to WordPress users who have me come up on their reader.  I have no idea what the hell a Google Reader or RSS feed are, but I imagine those are all jacked up as well.

Go Jules Go reported the same issues on her site, and she’s like Queen of WordPress bloggers. So if she’s experiencing trouble you know others are as well.  Apparently the solution is to re-follow my blog or sign-up for emails again.   If you have NOT been experiencing any problems, then I suppose can do nothing.  Like you always do.  When you should be working.

I know it’s a pain in the tookis, but it’s well worth it because you may have missed out on the following gems:

– I bared my soul to the interwebz, came clean and announced my addiction to sneakers.    Once again, proving that I really am a Filipino.

– I introduced many of you to Lip Dubs, which I’m sure will replace Planking and Flashmobs as the next “IT” thing.

– Sir Mix-a-Lotta-Ingredients gave you his recipe for Caprese salad.

– The Sicilian gave you the tools needed to amaze your friends and family with the Perfect Summer Meal.

– I gave you ten KILLER songs from 1990s movies.

– And, last but certainly not least, I gave you a 4th of July Re-Run.

Hopefully this is some glitch and not some kind of nefarious scheme to keep you from reading my stuff.   I read the terms of use for this service and I don’t think I’m guilty of anything beyond being really handsome and really full of myself.  So I doubt it’s some kind of policy thing.  If it is, then it’s gotta be one of the silliest things EVER.  Along with my not being able to get a version of this video on YouTube with the explicit language intact.

I found one version, but it got pulled because it contained “UMG (Universal Music Group) Property”.  As if UMG owns “selling crack,” the “N-word,” and “Bitch”.

So,  once again, if you’re having trouble getting notifications of my posts, please re-follow me.  Or subscribe to my email feeds.  Or follow me on Facebook.  Or Twitter.  Or show-up to my place in your underwear with a bottle of Scotch.


Finally, I want to give a little shout-out to Doobie on her 14th Birthday!

She likes Scotch, too…

About thefoodandwinehedonist

I don't know everything about the world of food and wine, but I'm not going to let a small detail like that stop me from blogging about it.

2 comments on “Did you miss me?

  1. Go Jules Go
    July 17, 2012

    I’ve completely given up on the reader! I just got another email from someone yesterday that they hadn’t seen anything from me in weeks! Luckily, my reader DOES still seem to like the FWH. Perhaps it is the compliments?? 😉

    This cracked me up: “If you have NOT been experiencing any problems, then I suppose can do nothing. Like you always do.”

  2. Sussan Willon
    September 13, 2012

    Great blog. I liked it

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