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Immigrant Labor Day Weekend

What do you get when you mix a bunch of Filipinos, Palestinians, and a couple token honkies?  No, not a TSA nightmare….Our family reunion!  Every year we get together for a weekend and, no matter when it is, we always seem to be celebrating a half dozen birthdays.  It’s weird – there haven’t been any weddings or babies, but our extended family keeps on multiplying.  Oh wait, that didn’t come out right.  Because if we did multiply, then THAT would be weird. And gross.   And Appalachian.

This year’s celebration was on Labor Day weekend, again in Indianapolis.  There was the usual round of golf, eating, beerponging, storytelling, eating, legobuilding, musicplaying, late night barbecuing, and – of course –  a ton of eating.

We got there a little late Friday night so we missed the main dinner.  But there was the 1AM dinner of sliders, sriracha, and tequila.

BTW – that Costco brand tequila ROCKS!!!

Saturday night dinner included…

Korean Kalbi-style shortribs – 5 pounds of ’em


Baba Ghanouj and hummus

Vietnamese Summer rolls

And now for dessert…

fruit pizza

banana pudding

Shady’s 3-layer concoction – brownie, chocolate chip cookie crust with frosting in the middle

On to the festivities…

A couple rounds of tippy cups to warm us up for the annual beer pong tournament

Shady and his bottle rockets.  Nuts, just pure nuts.

Let the games begin….

This 5 lb bag of Kalbi wanted in on the action. Little did it know that it would meet its fate in a couple hours.

The odds were never in our favor.  My partner and I lost miserably.

The Sons of Palestine cooking up the Kalbi at 1:30 AM

We pretty much ate them as they came off the grill. We also went through four slabs of leftover ribs, the rest of my barbecue, and a tub of hummus. There were 10 of us.

2:30 AM. Overheard: “You suck at Legos.”

Note to self – No more late night experiments with trying to find the next awesome drinking fad.  The hipsters will TOTALLY NOT be doing Sriracha then Tequila then shortrib.

Wonder if I got the order wrong…

Ah yes, another family weekend = another 5 lbs gained.  We wouldn’t want it any other way.

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5 comments on “Immigrant Labor Day Weekend

  1. on thehomefrontandbeyond
    September 24, 2012

    wish I had been there

  2. musingsoftheamusingmuse
    September 24, 2012

    That sounds like an awesome party! And now I know what to do with my husbands HUGE collection of Legos!

  3. the drunken cyclist
    September 24, 2012

    Might have to have a galbi throwdown–no Biebs allowed, though….

  4. winesplash
    September 26, 2012

    I just had dinner but you made me hungry again! 🙂 Ok, sliders and Costco Tequila, here We come!

    • thefoodandwinehedonist
      September 26, 2012

      Haha! We have a new Costco here in Ann Arbor, but they don’t have it. That bottle was from Chicago. Hope they get it soon and it’s not a Michigan thing. Because I’m willing to drive to another Costco just for that

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