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We Need a Name!

In a sudden bout of insanity, we got a kitten.  On Sunday, I was by our local pet store so I stopped in to take a look at the fish.  There were a bunch of kittens running around the store and I knelt down and this little guy walked up to me.

I picked him up and he started purring louder than I’ve ever heard a cat ever purr before, and he started licking my hand.

I sent these pictures to Boom Boom and thus started a 24-hour barrage of begging me to get it.  I eventually relented and we brought him home the next day.

It’s not like I was opposed to getting him… OK, yeah, I was opposed to getting him.  We just bought a bunch of furniture for a couple rooms of the house and the prospects of little claws on them gave me the shakes.  Plus, our most recent cat has proved to be the damn Anti-Christ, so I was wondering if this one would be son of Anti-Christ.

That’s right, I said “recent cat.”  You see, in addition to the Pieholes and the new kitten, we’re amassing a little zoo here. It’s not exactly crazy old lady hoarding, but in our small house it feels like it.  Here’s what we have:

Doobie – a.k.a. El Scorcho. My favorite pet of all time.

Gumbo – Completely deaf, with cataracts, and (I think) diabetes. After 13 years, we still have no idea what kind of dog he is. And yes, he always looks that guilty.

Fergie – Bet you didn’t realize the Anti-Christ was a female, did you?

Rocky and Everest – My son’s tiny turtles I bought in Chicago’s Chinatown.  I’m sure I rescued them from a life destined for soup.

Saltwater tank that Mojo hooked me up with. By the way – don’t forget to catch the debut of Mojo’s show on HGTV next Friday!!!

And now this little guy.

Outside of the turtles, I came up with all of the names and I’d like to think they are wicked awesome.  But coming up with one for this guy has been tough.  The Pieholes came up with “JoJo,” but I think it’s a girl’s name and kind of, well, meh.  Besides, he’s the runt of his family, so I’d like to give him a name that sounds a little  tougher, more “bad-ass.”

So I figured I’d see what you all think. Here’s what’s been tossed around so far:

– Lorenzo

– Tupac

– Keyser Soze

– JoJo (kids)

– Tarbash

– Julius (which I SOOOOO wanted to use for my son.  #shotdown)

– Chief Keef (suggested by Sh!tshow, my niece)

– Eduardo the Ninja (my current fave)

– Mr. Worldwide

– Hot Carl

Sir Mix-a-Lotta-Ingredients

– Cornholio

– Rodrigo

– Dinner (just KIDDING. Jeez!)

– Jerome

– Patel

The Byronic Man

– Candyman

Any of them jump out at you?  Any other good ones? What’s your pet’s name?

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14 comments on “We Need a Name!

  1. Yinzerella
    October 4, 2012

    Jerome or Hot Carl.
    I like giving animals people names. I have Frank & Brian.

  2. whineandcheersforwine
    October 4, 2012

    Well you can always use JOEJOE or YO-YO if you feel it is more masculine 🙂 Jerome and Rodrigo jumped out at me but it could just be my ethnic background showing through. You got me thinking and realizing that most of my pets were female so I lack many male names. That said here are some of my previous male examples; Komet, Alf, Hobo, Phoenix, Gideon, Otis, Gunther [aka Gunta]. OK so if thats a short list maybe I have had way too many pets LOL.
    Your new addition comes across as reddish in color in the pics provided so maybe RED? GINGER? I guess I should stop now.
    Good luck and enjoy!

  3. Anonymous
    October 4, 2012

    Oh my gosh, he is so cute! I want to meet him!! Very funny blog. You guys do have a freakin’ menagerie over there.
    –The Sicilian (I don’t know where my sign in info is for blogs…sorry i’m a blog loser lately.)

  4. PlayingDorothy
    October 4, 2012

    Hot Carl??? I just burst out laughing! You cannot have your kids running around calling him that!! Pls tell me I am not the only sicko who knows what that means….. actually in hindsight the kids calling him that would be flippin funny….you’d be a dad-hero for other dads….no its sick! Not that one!

    • thefoodandwinehedonist
      October 4, 2012

      HAHA!! You got it! Yeah, adults kinda look at them strange when they mention we have a cat named Doobie.

  5. pimpchef
    October 4, 2012

    Nah, don’t sully up the name of Sir Mix-a-Lotta-Ingredients. I’m sure Jeffrey Dahmer Sr is rethinkking what he named his boy. Go with Keyser Soze.

  6. KTC
    October 4, 2012

    I like Julius, because he’s orange. He can be your orange Julius. Especially since you didn’t get to use the name for your kid. My cats are Hiro and Chonga.

  7. musingsoftheamusingmuse
    October 4, 2012

    I like Julius, Hot Carl (made me LOL) and Eduardo.

    My own “kids” (since I don’t have actual human children): Shiloh the dog (going deaf and blind at 13 and she looks as guilty as your Gumbo), Alexander the Great and Rupunzel the cats, a tank ‘o freshwater fish and then… the chickens – some have names, some don’t.

  8. Nicolle
    October 4, 2012

    He looks exactly like one of my mom’s cats. We ended up calling him Tigger.

    That’s quite a list to choose from, but it’s difficult without really seeing what he’s like. I think I like Ninja, Tupac, and Julius the best.

  9. wakeupami
    October 4, 2012

    I’m with PlayingDorothy. Hot Carl woud be perfect, hahaha. Minus the kids thing. Totally in love with Mr. Worldwide. Hah.

  10. the drunken cyclist
    October 4, 2012

    Biebs. There, you’re done…

  11. Carol Swanson Anderson
    October 5, 2012

    I name my pets after people I’ve admired. Have a cat named Owen- after Owen Hart and a Boxer named Gracie- after Grace Kelly. I also rescued my daughter’s gecko from the clutches of my ex-husband. He named him Geiko (unoriginal)- so it was quickly changed to Bailey after Beetle Bailey (hey- the comic made me smile every morning) and my son has a gecko named Charlie. He came up with that one. We had our first Boxer named Keyser Soze but unfortunately he came to us with a terrible hook worm infestation and died in my arms less than 2 days after he came to us. So, it’s a sad name for me right now. My boyfriend insists on calling all his pets Rufus whether they are boys or girls- that or Fat Head. Good luck with the zoo!!

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  13. Stephen Kelly Creative
    February 12, 2013

    My first kitty’s name was Chops. My second kitty’s name was Wingnut, and he was the most awesome kitty EVER!

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