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We Ate Our Youth

I was in Chicago a couple of weeks ago for a guys’ weekend which included about a dozen or so Italian Beef sandwiches, a ton of booze, and almost zero sleep.  On that Saturday, eight of us were going out but we didn’t have reservations.  So it was looking like we’d have to go with something casual – the usual pub stuff.  But it was Botha’s birthday and more than a few of us wanted something special or eclectic.  In most other cities, we would’ve been disappointed.  Thankfully, Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood has a lot of options and no shortage of places to go bar-hopping post-dinner.

On El D’s suggestion, we went to Frontier.  I don’t quite know how to describe Frontier because it literally has EVERYTHING – plenty of TVs for sports, live DJ, beer garden, huge beer selection, oysters, and farm-to-table cuisine.  What was really interesting about the menu was their variety of game meats and, being adventurous (and hungry) types, we were in heaven.

Some time during dinner we realized we could match everything we ordered with a cartoon character.  You’d think that all those fond memories from our youth would make us sentimental enough to lose our appetites.  Nah, we’re barbarians.

Rabbit & Dried Apricot Sausage (

Wild Boar Jaegerwurst (

Lollipop Wings – House Buffalo sauce, Roth Kase buttermilk bleu cheese dip, house ranch, sweet potato fries (

Braised Black Bear – House Tasso, Kale, Pickled Carrots, Edelweiss Gouda & Herb Boxty. OK, if you want get technical about it, Yogi wasn’t a Black Bear. Close enough. (

Llama Meatballs – Ground Llama, Smoked Tomato Sauce, Hand Rolled Gnocchi, Whipped Edelweiss Gouda, Sage, Chimichurri (

Pulled Boar Sandwich – House smoked boar shoulder, Texas-style BBW, apple and celery slaw, pretzel roll. You remember Wilbur, don’t you? (

Venison Cheesesteak – Shaved Venison sirloin, bell peppers, maple jack cheese, cipollini onion jam, baguette (

D-L-T – House cured & smoked Gunthorp duck breast, frisee, tomato jam, remoulade (

Most of these were delicious, especially the venison and the bear.  My D-L-T had really thick slabs of duck so it was a tad on the salty side, just like Daffy.  The only miss of the bunch was the llama, which just tasted weird.  Then again, it could’ve been that I initially read the menu as “llama balls” and didn’t fully get the image out of my head.

I would definitely go back there.  It was spacious, lots of beer, great music, and a cool crowd.  Plus, I want to try the alligator ribs.

You’re safe. For now. (

How many of these cartoon characters do you remember?  Would that memory prevent YOU from eating these?

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4 comments on “We Ate Our Youth

  1. musingsoftheamusingmuse
    November 5, 2012

    Wow! That sounds FABULOUS! I have to send this review around as we have some adventurous eaters in our group (and I already like alligator, rabbit, duck, etc…).

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