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Top Chef Seattle Episode 15: Glacial Gourmand

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I write these recaps as I watch the show, constantly hitting the pause button as I plug away.  But I’m going to be on vacation next week, so it may be hard for me to actually do a post.  Plus I’ll probably be loaded.  So next week’s recap may be a little delayed. 

But don’t worry – next Friday’s music post is a go thanks to a KILLER guest post.  You won’t want to miss it.


The central theme of this week’s elimination challenge was what inspired them to become chefs.  It started with guest judge Roy Choi telling the story of how he was a pretty big scumbag with no direction.  Then he caught Emeril on television cooking braised short ribs and it was a revelation to him.  Then Emeril talked about how he grew up working in a Portugese bakery and the bakers teaching him.  It got me thinking about what was the transformative event that inspired to become…


… a useless office drone.


Quickfire Challenge

The three of them hopped in a helicopter and then took dogsleds to the camp that serves as a base for the Iditarod.   The challenge was to create a dish using ingredients found in the camp.  Since this was the last Quickfire before the finale, the winner got the special prize of … a handshake and the knowledge they won.  That was anti-climactic.

Brooke – Pan-roasted halibut, panzanella salad, with red currant & beet vinaigrette

Josh – Cornmeal cake with Canadian bacon, scrambled eggs & smoked salmon

Sheldon – Pan-roasted halibut with tomato sauce, sesame bok choy & pickled radish

Winner – Brooke

Hot chef

Elimination Challenge

Padma schlepped the chefs back to the inn where they found Emeril and LA-based chef Roy Choi making them lunch.   It was then that Roy and Emeril told them their stories and they were then presented with their challenge – to make dishes that represent the moment that they discovered that they wanted to be chefs.  They were cooking at the Governor’s mansion for the Gov and First Lady of Alaska.  The judges were Roy, Tom, Wolfgang, Gail, and Emeril.

Sheldon, inspired by Sam Choi – Pan-roasted rockfish, spot prawns, baby vegetables, & dashi.  The fish and prawns were described as perfect, however the broth was overcooked and became salty.

Brooke, inspired by her mom’s food – Braised chicken, grilled quail with carrot barley & pickled vegetables .  There was a lot of food piled up on the plate.  Despite the quail being overcooked, the dish was filled with complexity.

Josh, inpired by first time he had foie gras – Three ways: Torchon, pan-seared, profiterole.   Each of the elements were excellent, but he may have stretched himself too far as the torchon was not done well.


Winner: Brooke, unanimously

Other finalist 2: Sheldon!!!! Woohooo!

Other finalist 3: Whoever wins Last Chance Kitchen


Random Thoughts 

– Since about halfway through the season, the three I wanted to see win were Brooke, Sheldon, and Kristen.  Let’s see if Kristen can pull it out in LCK.

– Add helicopters and tight spaces to Brooke’s massive fear of ships… I like her but methinks she’s a little bit of a basket case.

– Sheldon: “Landing on a Glacier, there’s dogs everywhere.  I would die for some good reefer.”   YES!!  I’m not advocating drugs, but that’s one of the best lines of the season.

– For a second I thought he was going to go all Filipino on us and say, “I would die for some good Alaskan Malamute steaks.”

– Padma called out Josh for making breakfast again.  It’s a good strategy to go with your strengths, but he shouldn’t have gotten this far with half his meals being breakfast. I can do that shit with my eyes closed.

– Roy Choi said when he washes rice he tries to transfer all of the ancestors, spirits, and energy of his whole existence and surrounds every kernel of rice with them.  Hey Sheldon, I found your really good reefer.

– As much as I can’t stand that asshat Josh, it was very touching with his wife giving birth.

– If you haven’t seen my Last Chance Kitchen Haikus on my Facebook page, you’ve been missing out.  Well, even if you have been reading them you’ve been missing out for the last couple weeks.  I got sooooo bored with that shit.


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6 comments on “Top Chef Seattle Episode 15: Glacial Gourmand

  1. Operab
    February 18, 2013

    I can’t stand Josh! I steeled myself to not like him when he had the baby, and it proved to be no problem. See ya bye!

  2. rachelocal
    February 19, 2013

    Glad to see Brooke and Sheldon in the final three!

    • thefoodandwinehedonist
      February 19, 2013

      yeah!! Who do you think won LCK? I thought for that specific challenge Lizzie won. But Kristen has a better chance of taking it all – and deserves it more.

      • rachelocal
        February 19, 2013

        I agree with you–Kristen deserves it. But Lizzie may have taken it with that black cod and spaetzel. I’m hoping Tom was impressed by Kristen’s “on the fly” cooking, though.

        And what’s with Mustache and his venison? He can never get it right.

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