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Top Chef Seattle 16: Finale Part 1

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So this is the penultimate episode of the season, which means this will be my penultimate post on Top Chef Seattle.  And it also means I like the word penultimate.  Unless of course they add on one of those silly reunion shows again, then it’ll be the third to last and I have no fancy word for that.

The reunion show is when they bring all the contestants back and they go through a blooper reel and they talk about everything except the food.  It’s also when you hear a lot from that one guy who got eliminated first.  Can anyone remember who it was without Googling? (It’s ok to go through this site to find it, though…#pageviewpadding)

The events in Episode 15 took place several months ago, so this episode started with glimpses of Sheldon and Brooke at home before they go back to competing.  It was kind of cool to see laid-back Sheldon going hanging out and barbecuing with the fam.  No footage of him with the reefer though.  Not that I would really condone use of marijuana. 

But you do get to see Sheldon’s wife, who likes to bring an enormous knife to a picnic to slice cherry tomatoes.

Sheldons wife

Not messing with her…

knife On Brooke’s side, we see her return to normal life with Big Bird. Brookes husbandThe two of them get reunited at Tom’s restaurant and are informed that they would have to compete against the winner of Last Chance Kitchen.  And the winner was… Kristen Kish Of course it was Kristen.  She was way too good to not be in the final. Barbecue marijuana

Elimination Challenge

For this challenge, the three chefs would cook at Tom’s restaurant Craft.  Each would serve a 1st course, entrée, and a dessert while Tom expedited.  Joining Padma, Emeril, and Hugh for dinner were John Besh and Martin Yan.

1st course

– Sheldon: Sashimi spot prawns, court bouillon, radish, & Asian herbs

– Kristen: Chestnut veloute, duck rillette, & Brussels sprouts

– Brooke: Crispy veal sweetbread salad with kumquat, beets, & mustard

Main Course

– Kristen: Seared ahi tuna with veal, mustard jus, & meyer lemon puree

– Brooke: Braised short ribs, parmesan sauce, nettle puree, & squash dumplings

– Sheldon: Roasted quail, pine nut puree, garam masala, & tangerine


– Brooke: Brown butter cake, whipped goat cheese, & blackberry sauce

– Kristen: Curry chocolate with cashews

– Sheldon: White chocolate mousse with apple & fennel

Gone – Sheldon.  His fennel was a little too harsh for the dessert and his entrée was so uncharacteristic of him.

lesbian pot

Random Thoughts

– Sheldon had to be one of the most likable contestants on any reality show.  He was a little uneven with his food, but he was always jovial and had some great lines.  But his downfall was the same as Josh’s – he went for what he thought would impress the judges instead of doing what he was good at.  He kept on saying that he used the time off to gather some new skills, but in the end it wasn’t enough.  If he had focused on his strengths, he probably would’ve beaten Kristen.

– About three or four times Brooke mentioned how she thought that Kristen was one to beat.  I completely agree, but it would’ve been great to see Sheldon in the final two just to prove Brooke wrong.  Not that I don’t like her, but I always love it when people’s predictions come back to haunt them later.

– So with Brooke and Kristen in the final, it ensures that there will be the first woman winner since Stephanie Izard.  It seems a lot of people are excited about that.  Not sure why…

– I don’t know if it was creative editing, but it really looked like Brooke was “in the weeds.”  This seems like a thing for her – whine and get down on herself right before she pulls out a win.

– At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Tom kept on choosing Kristen as winner of LCK so that she can make it back to the final.  She left wayyyy too early in Restaurant Wars because she took the high road and didn’t call out Josie on her flubs.  In the finale of LCK, she made a simple pasta with no protein in it.  Lizzie made a terrific-looking  and sounding cod with spaetzle.  That must’ve been one helluva pasta.

– I made a joke about Kristen being a lesbian a few weeks ago and every day a dozen people reach this blog by Googling “Kristen Kish lesbian”.

– It would’ve been great to have seen glimpses of Kristen’s home life.  Then we may have known for sure whether KRISTEN KISH IS A LESBIAN.  #morepageviewpadding

– The first chef eliminated was Jeffrey Jew.  Did you remember without looking it up?  Neither did I.





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11 comments on “Top Chef Seattle 16: Finale Part 1

  1. lindsaynhyatt
    February 25, 2013

    Was Jeff Jew (awesome name), the guy who got thrown out for not knowing how to butcher? Was that this season, even? Who can remember these things? I kinda am curious about Kristen, too, just short of googling it. Maybe it’s because I’m concerned about my growing list of girl crushes. I do hope she takes the title!

    • thefoodandwinehedonist
      February 25, 2013

      He was the half Chinese guy who wanted to win for his partner. The butchering failure was last year – Paul Rudd looking guy who referred to himself in 3rd person!

    • thefoodandwinehedonist
      February 25, 2013
    • thefoodandwinehedonist
      February 26, 2013

      This is only the second season I’ve seen, but I would’ve been happy if any of the final three won. All great chefs and likable. In terms of ability, I would’ve ranked them Kristen, Brooke, then Sheldon. Actually would’ve ranked it like that early in the season. I think Kristen is going to take it – she’s doesn’t mess up.

  2. operab
    February 28, 2013

    yes, it was amazing that all three were immensely like-able this season. I’m sure that didn’t do anything for the producers trying to make story lines! Did I ever tell you I went to Restaurant Wars? It was Fabio’s season in NYC.

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  5. Lorraine
    July 6, 2013

    LOL Just wanted to say your site’s the first one listed when I googled “Kristen Kish lesbian”. That’s all.

  6. Lorraine
    July 6, 2013

    Also I’m Filipino! Hello! 🙂 Bookmarked your site! I’m enjoying the content so far 🙂

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