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Guilty Pleasures Recycled – April 20th Edition

Hey fellow hedonists, here’s a recycled post from last year to help you get a head start on the “holiday.”  And don’t forget there’s a special guest post next week I’m sure you’ll enjoy!


It’s April 20th. Does that date have any significance to you? By chance, did you score well on my Dim Sum or Weed challenge? Can you recite all the lines in the Harold & Kumar movies? Well then – Light ‘em up bitches!

drug usage

For those of you thoroughly confused, April 20th can also be written as 4/20, which is code for consuming marijuana. Throughout the world, there are countless people celebrating this counterculture holiday by lighting up the ganj. But not in Ann Arbor – they’re so forward thinking here that Hash Bash was two weeks ago.

OK, OK – disclaimer time. I haven’t touched marijuana in many, many years. And the last time I did was in Amsterdam, where it was perfectly legal. But it’s not legal here in America and it’s a gateway drug. If you succumb to reefer madness, then you start doing mushrooms, then acid, coke, valium, peyote, crack, viagra, heroin, baby formula, ‘ludes, uppers, meth, horse tranquilizers, 8 balls, and crushed-up heartworm pills in your tequila. So don’t start.

But man, it was so much fun when I had it. (Hippie lettuce, not the other stuff.) And it could be argued that sinsemilla is better than alcohol. Sure there’s the occasional episode of paranoia, but there’s also none of the ill effects of alcohol like bar fights, vomiting, and massive hangovers. And if you can avoid the munchies, it’s also completely calorie-free. Unfortunately, I never learned to avoid the munchies as evidenced by the approximately 5,947 Sliders I ate under the influence of pot. And that was just one weekend back in ‘89.


Even if you haven’t crumbled herb, there’s much to enjoy about the whole dodi culture. In the movies, the stoner comedy is it’s own genre with movies like Pineapple Express, Dazed and Confused, and Harold & Kumar. All of which owe a serious debt to the masters:


And to say that Wacky Tobacky has played a role in the music world is the king of all understatements. Jerry Garcia, Bob Marley, Willie Nelson, Lil Wayne, and Snoop Dogg are but a few of the modern musical geniuses whose use of Barbecued Iguana was legendary. I can’t say how much Sticky-Icky-ICKY contributed to their success, but it certainly added to their mystique.

I’d love to hear a conversation between these two…


So whether you’re an avid user or are Bill Clinton-ing it, this week’s Guilty Pleasure is for you.



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6 comments on “Guilty Pleasures Recycled – April 20th Edition

  1. teacherpatti
    April 21, 2013

    Some people react badly to MJ; I am one of those people. I avoided it my whole life as I honest to God wanted to be a judge or a politician. This was a great reason to avoid it when it was offered to me…people would get interested in my future career and not bug me to try it. When I finally had it, I completely freaked out and ended up in the hospital (there is much more to the story). Nevertheless, I support legalization and think the whole 4/20 thing is awesome 🙂

    • thefoodandwinehedonist
      April 23, 2013

      Yes, that’s a valid excuse and I had similar aspirations for a (very) brief moment. But then there were 1000 pictures of me doing crazy things when I was loaded on alcohol (which is legal). So any potential for a political career was wiped out anyway. Then there was that donkey incident…

  2. Cathy Laws
    April 23, 2013

    I’m afraid to post things like this as a social worker, but I totally support this post wink wink and just so you know, yes I enjoyed the much celebrated holidaze 😉

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