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Workout Music: Pure Barre

Update:  I just posted more Pure Barre music!  Check it out here.


I’ve been thinking of occasionally posting songs that would be great to exercise to for quite a while. Since yesterday’s post on Pure Barre was my first one that talked about exercise, now’s a good time to start.

A good workout song will not only energize you it, if played loud enough, should distract you from the real world. This helps you focus all your attention and energy on the workout itself. Seems obvious, right? I don’t think there’s a soul out there that prefers to lift weights to NPR.

"Dude, when I want to bench press 350, I bust out  the Garrison Keillor and crank it up." - Said no one.  Ever. (

“Dude, when I want to bench press 350, I bust out the Garrison Keillor and crank it up.”
– Said no one. Ever.

music npr

I’m always on the lookout for new songs, but I don’t commute for work and am not in my car long enough to listen to a lot of radio. So I end up getting exposed to a lot of new tunes at Pure Barre, many of which become huge hits months later. I think the playlists come from the corporate office, where I’m sure they have some team of hipsters selecting the songs. Seriously, how the hell do I get THAT gig?

So here are some great songs that I first heard at Pure Barre. Not only are they awesome for working out, but they make terrific background music while searching for pictures of Lindsay Lohan.


Elle me Dit by Mika


Who Dat Girl by FloRida (featuring Akon)


Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (featuring Ray Dalton)


Anything Could Happen by Ellie Goulding

Memories by David Guetta and Kid Cudi


What are your favorite songs for exercising? How do you get new music? Do I have an unhealthy obsession with Lindsay Lohan?

Don’t answer that last one….


Update:  I just posted more Pure Barre music!  Check it out here.



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8 comments on “Workout Music: Pure Barre

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  2. wildbluewonder
    May 3, 2013

    I work out at home and, when it’s not a DVD, I didn’t usually listen to anything. But lately I’ve been playing albums (heh, yep, I still call them that and still buy them that way for the most part!) on my iPhone. It’s only an 8gb so there aren’t very many on there. But there are some good choices for lifting:

    Elbow: The Seldom Seen Kid
    VAST: April
    Old 97s: Too Far To Care
    Patty Griffin: Impossible Dream, Flaming Red
    Black Keys: Attack & Release

    Also: I ❤ Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Their performances of Same Love on Ellen and The Colbert Report just slayed me. I need to buy The Heist!!!

  3. Peggy Isaacs
    May 3, 2013

    I love me some Ellie Goulding.

  4. Anonymous
    May 3, 2013

    I feel like I have Ellie Goulding’s Anything Could Happen in my head every time I leave Pure Barre!

  5. domingosaurus
    May 3, 2013

    First off, I believe I actually could work out to Prairie Home Companion. (Not that I have, or will, but I could.) It would certainly be better than the homogenized top 40 “non-music” they have piping through the speakers at the gym I go to in the morning. (Yeah believe it or not I go to the gym. Unfortunately I have a tendency to make up for it by guzzling mass quantities of soda and junk food all day afterward.)

    Luckily I never go anywhere without my ipod, on which I keep a wide variety of tunes. I like heavy rock, (like early Sabbath) poppy 80’s (Jessie’s Girl) New Wave 80’s (Blondie) punk (Misfits) and just a lot of other random stuff that most people would probably never think to work out to. (:Pixies, Beastie Boys, Grand Funk Railroad, theme songs from various television shows of the 60’s through 90’s.) That kind of stuff.

    I’m sure you know I could ramble on and on about music, so I’ll save that for my own blog.

    • Theme songs?? I have a half-written post that laments the death of the awesome TV theme song. Stuff like Alice, Gilligans, love Boat. The only ones i can think if since the 90s is for Friends and Party of Five. But those were just pop songs used or the theme, they really didn’t have anything to do with the show.

      That all said, there’s no way I could work out to the Dukes of Hazard theme.

      Man, I think I better finish that post.

      • domingosaurus
        May 3, 2013

        Well your post won’t be complete if you don’t mention Hawaii 5-O, Welcome Back Kotter, or Wonder Woman. (All of which make appearances on some of my mixes.)

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