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Wafels or Mean Girls, anyone?

 Alternate Title – The weirdest restaurant review you’ll ever read…

I’ve been meaning to do a write-up on this place, but was feeling bored with my usual format.  Also, I’m not sure what to think about it. So I’m giving you, gentle reader, a chance to see what’s going on in my head – the good, the bad, and the bizarre.

Ann Arbor Dining

The Basics

The Wafel Shop is a fairly new Belgian-style casual waffle place in Ann Arbor.  It opened back in late January and we went there the first week it opened.  We loved the concept but didn’t love the execution.  We chalked it up to their needing to work out some kinks.  Recently, we went back with for a quick, casual brunch.


Ann Arbor casual food

They have two standard types of wafels.  The Brussels is what I normally think of when I think of wafels.  (Actually, I don’t think about wafels – I think about WAFFLES.)  That one is crispy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside.  The Liege is dense and chewy with big pearls of sugar in them.  You can trick them out with a number of different toppings – nuts, fruits, sauces, syrup, gelato – or you can choose from their own combinations.

Ann Arbor dining guide

Here’s what I’m thinking…

a mind is a terrible thing to paste

Pro – An indie-owned casual eatery that ISN’T Korean or Indian, like the last 30 places that opened here in Ann Arbor.

Con – On the first visit, it took twenty minutes to get the damn waffles.  And the bacon was cold.  Like pulled out out of the fridge cold.

Pro – On the recent visit, everything came out in less than 10 minutes! And the bacon was room temp.

Con – WTF!!?!??  You’re making me wait until we get all our food to give me my coffee?  Can’t you just pour it and let me savor it while I wait?

Con – And stop giving me the stink-eye.

Pro – The Jarvis was spectacular – bacon, butter, pecans, powdered sugar.

The Jarvis

The Jarvis


Pro – The Flanders was even better – strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, whipped cream

The Flanders

The Flanders


Con – The Jarvis was $9.  The Flanders was $11.

Pro – Everything is made from scratch using locally-sourced ingredients like Frog Holler produce, Calder Dairy, and Zingerman’s coffee.

Con – Very limited seating.

Pro – I think Mean Girls is on cable.


Pro – Vegan and Gluten-free versions are available.

Pro – I’m neither vegan nor have an issue with gluten.

Con – My shoulder still hurts from “tennis.”

Con – On the second visit, the damn hipster in front of me ordered the Gluten-free version and it took a long time to make.

Pro – Some interesting combos I want to try.  Like the  WBLT (bacon, mixed greens, tomato, garlic aioli, served as a sandwich) and the Luxembourg (fresh goat cheese, arugula, balsamic).

Con – No beer.  Not that many people think of beer and waffles as a combination.  But hell, doesn’t that sound good? Maybe with some peanut butter on there?

Lindsay Lohan

In conclusion

Mean Girls wasn’t on, but it’s a good thing I have it on DVD.  As for The Wafel Shop, what do YOU think?


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21 comments on “Wafels or Mean Girls, anyone?

  1. Go Jules Go
    July 10, 2013

    Ha! I think this is a SPECTACULAR format for restaurant reviews. Who DOESN’T think waffles and beer go together? The BLT one sounds awesome.

    “Mean Girls” is such a great movie. It seems like it shouldn’t be. But then. Tina Fey.

    • thefoodandwinehedonist
      July 10, 2013

      I came across an awesome Mean Girls meme that I am now using for my cover photo on FB – Live every day like you’re Glen Coco…

  2. wildbluewonder
    July 10, 2013

    Those waffles look way good… bummer about all those cons.

    Mean Girls is just awesome. I need to dig out my copy; I don’t think my husband’s seen it, which seems wrong somehow.

    • thefoodandwinehedonist
      July 10, 2013

      I’ve been preaching to anyone around my age (and older) that Mean Girls is the Fast Times at Ridgemont HIgh of this generation…

  3. Yinzerella
    July 10, 2013

    I am intrigued by the Wafle Shop. But I’d rather just go to the Waffle House.

  4. Yinzerella
    July 10, 2013

    Oh, and I like this format for a restaurant review. Especially since I will most likely never be dining in Ann Arbor.

  5. PinotNinja
    July 10, 2013

    Mean GIrls, Waffles (two servings, one savory and one Flanders), and some Belgian beer sounds like the PERFECT afternoon.

    Maybe the solution to Wafel house is to call in a to go order and then pick it while wearing a t-shirt that reads “IT’S SPELLED WAFFLE.” and pajama pants, because waffles always taste better when you’re wearing snarky loungewear.

    • thefoodandwinehedonist
      July 10, 2013

      You don’t know how tempted I am to make that my afternoon. I have the DVD, Belgian beer, the waffle recipe, savory stuff – everything but the berries. I’m sure a handful of Starbursts will cover that, right?

  6. rachelocal
    July 10, 2013

    So do they use wafel irons or waffle irons? (That was way funnier in my head)

  7. Anonymous
    July 10, 2013

    You’re from Ann Arbor too?! I didn’t like their coffee, which was not even theirs. It was Zingerman’s. And it was too expensive darling, too expensive. Yay, Ann Arbor!

  8. Laura Beth
    July 10, 2013

    I really like the ebb and flow of your pros and cons – informative and entertaining! If ever I am in Ann Arbor, I will consider dropping by the Wafel House with my own anti-stink eye tactics in tow!

  9. Laura
    July 10, 2013

    On Wednesdays, we eat wafels?

  10. wanderingglutton
    July 11, 2013

    I took my family to the Wafel Shop back in February for an after swim lesson snack. $40 later, I determined that it didn’t really matter how good the food was, the cost was going to prevent me from becoming a regular. I must confess that I have never seen Mean Girls. Based on your identifying it as the Fast Times at Ridgemont High of this generation, I will have to check it out.

    • thefoodandwinehedonist
      July 11, 2013

      Yeah, I’ve never been to Belgium but I have this vision of a waffle stand on the corner where you get a quick snack. Those prices are getting in the realm of gourmet burger and fries with a waitstaff.

      As for Mean Girls, it’s one of the most quoted movies in the past decade. Really witty.

  11. those waffles look darn good. I’d try them at home but I already know it will be a let down.

  12. Max D.
    July 22, 2013

    I’m ambivalent about this place. The bacon wafel will clinch it for me.

  13. barSHAWLona
    October 7, 2013

    Like your blogger style for this one –
    Wafel Shop is great, it totally hits a small demographic. I think its fabulous that they have a partnership with Zingermans – they’ve created their own Wafle Shop Coffee grind with them ( super caffinated) & have Zingermans Gelato as a topping option. It is pricey ish – but it is a SPECIALTY shop … !! Wafles ONLY – i think its real grand that they accomodate vegans and glueten free people, its very trendy.

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