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Is Breaking and Entering Still a Crime?

Those in the blogging community can attest to the concept of a “blog friend” and that there are two ways to make them.  First, because of similar interests, you come across each other’s blogs and become avid readers.  After a while, you start commenting on each other’s posts and develop a relationship where you “talk” to the person a couple times a week.  The second way to make a blog friend is when you see their picture on their site and they’re incredibly hot.  You start following/stalking them and try to make them like you.  Sure it’s not a “true” friendship but, really, do you care? Creep…

Oliver – aka “The Winegetter” – is one of my best blog friends.    (You’ll have to check out his site to figure out which of the above methods was at work.)  His passion for wines – German Rieslings in particular – comes through in informative, enthusiastic, and terrifically well-written posts.  The bonus here is that he lives in Ann Arbor, so we’ve become good friends offline as well.

One quality that I admire the most is his sense of humor.  There aren’t that many people fresh-off-the-boat from Germany who appreciate sarcasm or nuance in a joke and can take some ribbing.  Oliver, God love him, has taken a few from me.  He’s endured my many gags involving the eccentricities of Germans – their dancing inability,  their habit of being naked in hot tubs all over the world, and their love of David Hasselhoff.

the hoff

Speaking of being all over the world, he and his wife went on an extended journey through Southeast Asia this summer.  During that time, he’s had a lot of really good bloggers write guest posts for him.  So he decided to break his streak and had me write one.

The assignment was to write a wine-related post around the theme “Beyond the Sea.”  In the post I talk about how I discovered my love for Rose wines on the gorgeous island of St Barth’s –



… and then I definitely put his patience to the test.

Please, please, please go check it out.


So how have you met your bloggy friend?

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I don't know everything about the world of food and wine, but I'm not going to let a small detail like that stop me from blogging about it.

3 comments on “Is Breaking and Entering Still a Crime?

  1. the winegetter
    August 29, 2013

    God, I wasn’t even aware that my blogmancrush (nice long German word) was this reciprocal! Thanks, man. You just made a day in Seoul that was as close to perfect and personal as could be, just a tad more so…really means a ton. Thanks!

  2. Go Jules Go
    August 29, 2013

    That’s awesome that your blog bud lives so close! I’ve been lucky enough to meet quite a few so far, as you know. All of this solely based on their hotness, of course.

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