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Scary Weekend Ahead

I am sooooo pumped for this weekend’s season premier of The Walking Dead on AMC.

twd collidercom


Last year, in my essay on a real-life vampire in our midst, I mentioned how I came around late to the show.  But I instantly became a rabid fan.  My niece Sh!tshow also got into it, besting my feat of watching the first two seasons in six days.  Every Sunday she’d come over for Dinner and The Dead, though it was mostly about The Dead.  I only tried to make an actual TWD-themed dinner once.

dead ribs


For some reason, I didn’t have much of an appetite that night.

Most of the time we’d watch the previous week’s episode again and then hunker down for the new one.  Afterwards we’d sit around and watch “The Talking Dead,” a post-show talker about that episode.  Then in the the morning I’d read a few discussion boards on it.  Yeah, I’m that addicted.

To really get in the spirit, we’re thinking about going to a haunted house this weekend.  I haven’t been to one since a couple years B.P.  – Before Pieholes – and I miss them.  We tried to go to one three years ago, but they got spooked before we even got through the front door.  Two of them said they’re ready now, but I have a sinking feeling we’re going to look like this –

haunted_house_reactions_16 cavemancircuscom

There were so many great pictures to choose from… Check out them out on Caveman Circus


Ummm…yeah… maybe I won’t go.  It’s not because of the haunted house.  I just have a bigger fear they’ll have one of those cameras where we’re going.

In case we don’t go, I’ll listen to this song a few dozen times before Sunday.  It’s from indie-fave and Michigan native Sufjan Stevens, whose Illinois album was packed with absolute genius songs.  It’s definitely worth picking up.


Are you a fan of The Walking Dead? Whatcha got going this weekend? 


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2 comments on “Scary Weekend Ahead

  1. the winegetter
    October 12, 2013

    We’re just hanging out this weekend. Had friends from Alaska over last night (they’re driving to Maine…no words), party at friends tonight, chilling tomorrow. We should try to grab some food together this week. How does that sound? And no, I haven’t seen one episode of Walking Dead…:(

  2. a2sicilian
    October 15, 2013

    My 12 yr old son is into that show and I started watching with him. It’s pretty stupid but it’s something we can do together. Sometimes he dresses like the characters and wanted me to buy him a harley davidson leather vest with wings on it like one of the main characters he saw at the mall. I said no.

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