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Dream House: Argentine Wine Dinner

A couple months ago I went to an event at The Dream House that featured an Austrian menu with five courses, each with a paired Austrian wine.  The events are a sidebar project for employees of Ann Arbor’s Black Pearl restaurant that allow them to experiment with different cuisines and techniques, unconstrained by a set menu.  I thought they did a great job, considering that Austrian food doesn’t allow for a whole lot of playfulness.

The boys had another event a couple of weeks ago, this time it featured Argentinean food.

Argentine menu

The Sicilian and I were able to coax our spouses out to humor our foodie obsessions for the evening.  Dinner with me or the Sicilian is always a treat and by “treat” I mean that a lot of people want to stab us with salad forks by the third course.  When I’m not bumming food off of others’ plates, I’m always holding up the process by constantly taking pictures.  The Sicilian, on the other hand, analyzes everything and elevates food snobbery to new heights.  So if you want to dine with either of us, pick your poison.

Argentine Crew

Tim, Sean, James, Aren. Not pictured: Tony


What We Ate

1st Course: Empanada with chorizo-mango picadillo, avocado chimichurri, tamarillo salsa

Wine Pairing: 2011 Torrontes, Coquena, Argentina

Argentine empanada

2nd Course: Red Snapper with corn-grapefruit gastrique

Wine Pairing: 2012 Malbec Rose, Crios de Susana Balbo, Argentina

 Argentine Snapper

3rd Course: Mendoza “Antipasti”

Matambre, House-smoked Provoleta, Mortadella, figs, pistachio

Wine Pairing: 2009 Malbec Reserve, Zolo, Argentina

Argentine Antipasti

4th Course: Argentine Asado: Rib, flank, tri-tip, crispy onions, chimichurri

Wine Pairing: 2010 Syrah “Laborde Double Select”, Luca, Argentina

 Argentine Asado

Dessert: Orange sorbet with dulce le leche, candied ginger

Pairing: Yerba Mate

 Argentine Sorbet

The first course and the snapper were excellent.  The avocado chimichurri was stunning and empanada was perfectly executed.  I really liked the snapper as well with the citrusy gastrique.   The asado course was good, however I felt the rib may have been a little bit of a misstep.  The presentation on-bone was beautiful, however I find beef rib is best cooked low and slow, otherwise it’s really tough.  It was also pretty rare – like mooing rare – which I love but others may not.

But the silent assassin for several of us was the orange sorbet.  It literally came out of nowhere and floored us.  That mixture of flavors was outstanding and we really could’ve had a gallon of it.

Next time

Obviously, the first thing I’m going to do is figure the damn flash on my camera.

As for the event, I’m really looking forward to the next one.  It’s Monday, November 11th and the theme for this is “Pacific Northwest.”  I’m foreseeing a lot seafood and great wines ahead.  Maybe for this one I’ll have to bust out some of my old early-90s era flannel shirts…

If you’re interested in attending a future event, check out their Facebook page.


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7 comments on “Dream House: Argentine Wine Dinner

  1. the winegetter
    October 15, 2013

    Dang, this all looked really good…and since I have experienced both you and the Sicilian in a food context I assume I could handle it…too bad I’ll be in Germany in November, would have loved to be in on that one…:(

  2. idrinkforaliving
    October 15, 2013

    Thanks for sharing this. I’ve never experienced anything surrounding Austrian food. Very cool!

  3. armchairsommelier
    October 15, 2013

    Ricisimo!! Beautiful food and pairings!! Right up until the Yerba Mate. I had way too much of that when we were in Argentina . . . still can’t figure out the appeal of tea made from yard clippings. Salud!

  4. a2sicilian
    October 15, 2013

    It was a very fun evening and I hope to attend the Northwest soiree. I heard mentions of salmon and oysters and pinot noir, oh my…And yes I’m a tough critic. Someone has to be.

  5. PinotNinja
    October 16, 2013

    I am DYING of jealousy. I was in Argentina less than a year ago — it’s amazing and you have to go — and I still miss the food and wine that I had there. I could totally roll with an all empanada all the time diet. I’ve also never thought to put dulce on orange sorbet (even though i put it on just about every dessert item that crosses my path) and I cannot wait to try it.

  6. ksbeth
    October 17, 2013

    this looks amazing )

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