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Top Chef NOLA Episode 7 – Jazz Hands

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In an interesting development, Nicholas woke up ill and a doctor believes he may have strep.  Since he’s contagious, he can’t be in contact with anyone else and, obviously, food.  First off, this is a doctor?

TC NOLA doctor

I know doctors do come in all shapes and sizes.  But damn, if you’re working some crappy urgent care center because you couldn’t get into that cosmetic surgery rotation that you so wanted because it’s easy street pumping botox into rich housewives, and you get this one chance at fame that can catapult you to bigger things, you show up in a ponytail and a tshirt advertising that same crappy urgent care center?

Whew, I needed that.  And I had no idea how to break up that run-on sentence.  But I do know how to make those olive oil-poached tomatoes that Carlos made last week.  Here’s the link to the recipe


Quickfire Challenge

Musician/chef Kermit Ruffins was introduced for this challenge that focused on improvisation.  There were stations set-up in the room with ingredients and various cooking tools – fryer, microwave, etc. – and they were playing a sort of musical chairs.   They started at one station then, when Ruffins played music, they had to walk around until the music stopped.  They then had to pick up where the last chef left off.  Winner gets immunity.

Justin – Marinated Tofu Salad with crispy bacon & cucumber

Travis – Asian inspired steak & potatoes with soy reduction

Sara – Trout with cabbage & pepper slaw & deep fried cannellini beans

Brian –Duck & Mussels with flavors of Asia

Patty – Pork chops, tamarind sauce, shaved red onions, mint & jalapeno

Nina – Liver with Serrano chilies, celery salad, & coconut curry mustard sauce

Stepanie – Braised chicken & clams with red bean sauce, green apple & red onion slaw

Carlos – Pan seared redfish with cucumber slaw, red beans & butter sauce

Shirley – Shrimp boil & herb salad with parsley, ponzu & olive oil

Louis – Rosemary okra, rendered pork, confit potatoes with frog legs & queso fresco

Least Favorites – Louis, Justin

Favorites – Carlos, Brian, Patty

Winner – Brian.  He made the best of what was presented.  It sounded like ass.


Elimination Challenge

They get to choose teammates to come up with a potluck menu to be served to a bunch of musicians at Kermit’s restaurant. The judges were chef Sue Zemanick, Tom, Gail, and Padma.

Blue Team

Justin – Hominy grits with brown shrimp, roasted okra, fava beans, & smoked bacon

Louis – grilled & pickled vegetables with crispy sunflower seads & mustard vinaigrette

Shirley & Sara – glazed beef with charred onions, melon pickles, & pickled ginger vinaigrette

Gray Team

Brian & Travis – Togarashi fried chicken with bee pollen & ponzu

Patty – Tomato watermelon salad, Szechuan pepper, & goat cheese espuma

Nicholas – Barramundi & red drum fricassee with zucchini, truffle, & yuzu kosho

Travis & Brian – Caramel glazed BBQ rib, dehydrated potatoes & peanut gremolata

Green Team

Stephanie – Fried baby artichoke, preserved lemon & anchovy aioli

Nina – Semolina gnocchetti with sausage

Carrie & Carlos – Summer tiramisu with nectarines, pistachios & cheese

Top Team – Green Team

Winner – Stephanie

Bottom Team – Gray Team

Gone – Patty


Random Thoughts

– Kermit Ruffins was a lot of fun and bursting with personality.  Too bad I didn’t catch 85% of what he said. I wasn’t the only one who had trouble with understanding him.  Check out Zemanick’s “WTF is he saying to me?” expression.

TC NOLA Kermit

– I love that the Quickfire was supposed to be all about improvisation but ended up a complete shitshow where they all brought each other down.  I wouldn’t have eaten any of it.

– I’m surprised Patty lasted this long.  She’s been weak the whole season.  Outside of Janine, there hasn’t been any surprises on who got booted.  Assuming that continues, I think it’s bye-bye Travis next week.

– The Gray Team was totally the guys in school who were picked last at recess basketball.  You know, the ones who couldn’t dribble and threw air balls the whole time.  They were the weakest chefs and Brian probably didn’t give a rats ass because he had immunity.

– Louis cooked at French Laundry?  He’s been so-so til now, but maybe he’s going to surprise people.  His dish sounded really good.

– That’s the fastest turnaround from strep throat ever.  Wonder how many gigs were canceled in NOLA because musicians all got strep at the same time?  It could be kinda fun if the rest of the chefs start dropping like flies.  It’ll be like a double elimination of sorts.

– Patty didn’t know what a potluck was?  Lemme explain –  A potluck is basically where you want to have a party but are complete unable to or too lazy to put together some dishes.  (Secretly, you’re just thankful that you’re going to be able to feast on leftovers for a few days.)  Your guests are pissed because all they wanted was a night away from the screaming kids and you make them bring food.  Often, they too were looking for a free meal and now they have to make something so they buy the cheapest possible ingredients.  Ot they seize the opportunity to empty their fridge of decaying food.  You then end up getting a complete mishmash of absolute shit that you have the dubious pleasure of eating for the next week.



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  1. Now Entering Flavor Country
    November 14, 2013

    Psht I love potlucks. There’s always fried chicken and a great lasagna.

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