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Sigh… It’s tax time.

It’s times like these that I really wish I were a good enough writer to be able to impart to you just how much I loathe taxes.

I’m not talking about the actual taxes that I have to pay, I’m totally fine with those.  I know it’s really popular to hate paying taxes and to rail on our elected officials for not spending our tax dollars “responsibly.”   As if a bunch of politicians who sleep with interns on a fact-finding junket to St. Lucia while their wife and kids are at home know anything about responsible spending.

Yes, the federal government makes a lot of head-scratching decisions.  And they are often flat-out wrong on a few things.  But I trust them.  As an institution they’ve been doing this for a couple hundred years.  Do you know who I don’t trust?


Ok, not you in particular, but the “you” who are the everyday schmucks who complain incessantly about the government.


It seems to me that we’re completely spoiled here – we take for granted what our tax dollars get us.  Say what you will about how little or how much is allocated to education, the military, infrastructure, social security, research, national parks, etc.  The fact that we have world-class levels of all of those is pretty damn cool.  None of that is free.  I just heard about how fire departments are starting to sell ad space on their trucks to make up for budget cuts and how a lot of people think that’s a crying shame.  Guess they should’ve thought about that when they voted for that guy who vowed to cut everything.

So I really don’t mind paying them.   What I hate is the paperwork, answering all those questions about what I did last year, and finding that mocked-up receipt I crafted.  You know, the one for the $800K tax-deductible donation of an autographed picture of me for I gave to a local charity.

ez form


And speaking of deductions, I drank this while filing my tax return –

2 hearted


I don’t think I’m alone in saying that I would never be able to finish filing my taxes without a couple of them, right?  And seeing that I purchased these for the specific purpose of filing taxes, it’s a tax preparation cost.  Thus, it’s tax-deductible.

I could’ve easily purchased a bottle of Cristal Champagne for a few hundred bucks and deducted that.  But I’m prudent like that.




Have you done your taxes yet? Mind if I temporarily adopt you so I can squeeze out another dependent deduction?




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4 comments on “Sigh… It’s tax time.

  1. elizabeth
    April 11, 2014

    ::whispers:: Thanks to my husband’s obsession with taxes (and in particular the refund), we’ve had our taxes filed and our refund received for months at this point. /whisper

    I will say that Turbo Tax does help with these things. As does alcohol, of course. 🙂

    • thefoodandwinehedonist
      April 12, 2014

      I do use turbo… This year I bought the cd instead of online but not all transferred over. So all that led to a lot if booze. But hey, it became fun!

  2. ksbeth
    April 12, 2014

    gotta love that brilliant man’s sign at the top of your post, and love that you need an ale or two to get through the crazy process. they should recommend that at the top of each tax form, people would probably be happier about it. i go to a tax service so my only job is to hunt down all the paperwork, so all good here. while they’re working on it, i can go have a beer or wine with friends and pick it up the next day. yep.

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