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How to Save Classical Music

One of the Pieholes plays the flute for her middle school concert band.  The school also has a separate symphony and they had a concert earlier this week and several of the concert band players were brought in for certain pieces.  Having gone to all of the concerts over the years, it was heartwarming to see their progression.   They’ve really taken on more complex arrangements and their tone and rhythm has improved significantly.  Since it’s middle school their physical changes are clear, but what’s more amazing is their changes in attitude and emotional growth.  Overall, there were many examples of pure beauty at the concert.

That said, the music sucked.  Classical music is so boring that it makes my ovaries hurt.  And I’m a guy.

Don’t get me wrong, I know there are many things to appreciate in classical music.  Having played a few instruments, classical music can be very, very challenging and I know the importance of learning the techniques as a basis for all musical studies.  And I do appreciate the artistic side of it, how the different keys and dynamics can elicit emotions and tell a story.

But it just doesn’t speak to me.  I won’t listen to it in the car or at home.  Definitely can’t listen it while working out –




And I’d be hard-pressed to shell out money for a concert when there are other performances I’d rather see.

And I’m not alone.  Go to any given professional performance and it’ll look like an old-folk’s home.  Don’t believe me? Check this out –

… listeners to WQXR, New York’s classical radio station, have a median age of 73, which means that half of them are older.  But it wasn’t always like this.  Many people in classical music believe that the audience was always the age it is now, but studies from past generations show that this isn’t true. To give just one example, a survey done in the 1950s showed that half the audience for orchestra concerts in one leading city was under 35.  –


Of course, like the cigarette and auto industries, there are emerging markets that can fuel listenership.   Places like China and Russia still dig classical music, but it’s only a matter of time before contemporary popular music takes over.

What to do?

Well, it appears someone had the brilliant idea of adding “twerking” to the mix.


It’s brilliant! Why not spice up an old, tired genre? Make it sexy and put it on YouTube.  If a younger person watches it a few times, it’s BOUND to get them interested in the music.

My only beef with it is that effective twerking requires 75% more booty than what these women have.  But hey, it’s a start.


Are you an avid fan of classical music? Or are you still waiting for the video to download through your AOL dial-up connection?



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8 comments on “How to Save Classical Music

  1. timmilford
    May 9, 2014

    Oh dear. I am going to have to disagree with you completely here! The idea of “sexing up” classical music fills me with dread!

    • HAHA… But Strauss’ opera Salome featured the main character stripping off all her seven veils til she’s completely naked. I’m sure a modern staging of that would have twerking. And maybe a stripper pole…

      I came across this video the morning of my daughter’s concert, so it was too good of an opportunity to pass up for me.

  2. the drunken cyclist
    May 9, 2014

    Of course, they are all Asians…. I actually listen to opera quite a bit.

    • I could probably make a distinction with Opera. Since there’s more visuals and vocals, it’s like Broadway. I’m familiar with a lot of different arias, but haven’t tried to sit and watch a whole opera in a while.

      But since I’m like most Americans, it’s in a foreign language thus I’ll probably shun it.

  3. reversecommuter
    May 9, 2014

    Sorry to hear about the effect classical music has on your ovaries – lmao!
    I don’t mind a little Vivaldi once in a while but in small doses and it has never made me TWERK!

  4. talkavino
    May 9, 2014

    don’ think that worked… the girls in the video were mostly a distraction from the music… Don’t think we will save classical music like that…

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