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Honky Covers: Whatever You Like

A lot of people don’t like when musicians do covers of others’ songs, but I like the concept of it. Sometimes it’s done tongue-in-cheek, but most often they do it because they love the song or are inspired by the artist in some way.  It’s interesting when they cover something from a different genre and put their own spin on it.  It’s even MORE interesting when some of the whitest, non-funky people around cover R&B and Hip Hop.

A few months ago, I featured Bastille’s cover of TLC’s “No Scrubs.” It was pretty clear that the TLC version was MUCH better. Let’s see who wins this one.


On one side…

ti rapbasementcom


T.I. has been at or near the top of the rap world for several years.  Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, non-rap fans probably know him best for his appearance on last year’s mega-hit “Blurred Lines.” In addition to his music career, he’s written two novels, has had minor roles in a few movies, and has his own reality show with his wife, Tiny.   I’m a big fan of his music, especially his wordplay and extensive vocabulary.

This is one of his biggest hits, “Whatever You Like.”



On the other side…

anya marina thesnipenewscom


Anya Marina is a Portland, OR-based singer-songwriter who was born here in Ann Arbor, but was raised in California. She tried her hand at acting, but turned to music in the San Diego area. She first came to fame when her song “Miss Halfway” appeared in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Which would be very impressive to me if I’ve ever seen any episode of the show. She also had a song on the Twilight Saga: New Moon soundtrack, which I also haven’t seen.

Her version of the song appeared on – you guessed it – another television show that I’ve never watched – Gossip Girl.



The Winner…

It’s not even close. T.I. version rules supreme. But if looks counted…

Nah, T.I. wins that category, too.


Who do you think won?







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6 comments on “Honky Covers: Whatever You Like

  1. ksbeth
    June 27, 2014

    ti all the way, and i love the title of this post )

  2. talkavino
    June 27, 2014

    T.I. wins by wide margin… : )

  3. the drunken cyclist
    June 27, 2014

    Way to stack the deck there…

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