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We’re All Being Watched

It seems there are more and more people that are terrified of government spying.   Sure the NSA leaks from earlier this year gave those people good reason to be afraid, but do you really think the Feds give a crap what you texted? At best, they’re going to see something like this:

txt 1 buzzfeed

At least that’s funny. But chances are they’re going to be sorting through a trillion like this –

text 2 theleilatextsblogspot

The problem isn’t Big Government watching you, it’s Big Business watching you.  Have you ever noticed that after you search for a particular product, advertisements for it magically appear in just about every site you go to?   Now you have to be careful who uses the computer after you because they can infer that you were searching for one of these.

The things you find on

Not that I was searching for one of these for personal use.  It was for a post.  Seriously.  I swear.

And then there’s the recommendations that Amazon and iTunes gives based on other stuff you’ve downloaded.  Sometimes they’re completely accurate and suggested books that I’ve enjoyed.  But more often then not, they suggest something that has me wondering how the heck they got the idea I’d be remotely interested in it.

Just the other day, iTunes suggested this song –


Ummmmm.  I’m not a fan of INXS.   And it’s not like I Googled Liv Tyler recently.   If that was the case, I’d get a ton of suggestions for Lindsay Lohan songs –


Then again, maybe it’s because I often download crappy covers.

But you don’t even have to search for or download anything to get targeted.   They can find you using basic information.  I was on Facebook the other day and this ad appeared: butterfly


Thanks, Facebook, for reminding me that I’m approaching the age where I’m going to be soiling my pants on the daily.   * *



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