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Top Chef Boston Episode 11: Sous Your Daddy!

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I forgot to mention in my Random Thoughts last week how guest judge Andy Cohen didn’t hesitate a nanosecond in teasing George about his slicked-back hair.  Andy was a high-ranking exec at Bravo TV so when he spoke, people listened.

And so did George…

George dry look


Elimination Challenge
There was no Quickfire this week as the Elimination Challenge was bigger than usual.  They had to make two dishes – appetizer and entrée – with the assistance of one of their loved ones as sous chef.  The appetizer was planned by the contestant, but was 100% executed by their partner.   Both dishes used fresh seafood they harvested themselves at an oyster farm.

Mei’s brother, according to Mei and not refuted by him, is completely useless in the kitchen.  Luckily for her, no one will be sent packing.   Instead, the winner goes straight to the finals in Mexico.

Mei’s brother Harly: Oysterwtih soy-yuzu vinaigrette & radish
Mei: Surf clam & lobster with tomato-coconut broth

Gregory’s sister Jessica: Tomato-watermelon soup with pickled cucumber & shrimp
Gregory: Halibut with oysters, mussels, & dashi

George’s dad Tony: Grilled oysters with razor clams & cucumber
George: Butter-poached lobster with vadouvan spice with roasted sunchokes

Melissa’s mom Alice: Egg custard with shiitake mushrooms, clams & lobster
Melissa: Butter-poached lobster with onion soubise & pea puree

Two best: Mei and Melissa
Winner: Melissa wins her first Elimination Challenge


Random Thoughts
– I’ve been  thoroughly unimpressed with Melissa throughout the season.   She had some good technique, but didn’t put together anything that was worthy of the show.   In recent weeks, however, she’s definitely stepped her game up.   So maybe she’s peaking at the right moment.
– Or she had us completely buffaloed the whole season and was saving the best for last.   In other words, using my strategy I said last week:

I think the real strategy is to coast along in the middle of the pack and avoid being the worst. If you mess up badly, chances are there’s going to be someone else that messed up just as badly or worse. You may not win some of the prizes, but you’ll live to see another day while saving all your super-creative dishes for later.


– Mei was being a complete beyotch to her brother at every opportunity.
– George’s father is a Greek immigrant who retired from his own diner.  He has a lot of experience in a kitchen, yet George directed him to make something really simple.  I wonder what would’ve happened if he told his father to make something from the old country.  I don’t think George’s entrée was good enough to win, but I do wonder if his dad could’ve hit one out of the park.

– I’ve admitted to some really embarrassing things in this blog over the years – like listening to Kelly Clarkson.   But it really pains me to say that those black Chrysler minivans with dark tinted windows were looking pretty bad-assed.

black vans


– If it were me in the competition and I had a chance to choose, I’d have my pop there. Not only could he do the appetizer, I’d probably have him do the entrée, too.
– But knowing my luck, I’d have my one brother who can barely open a can of frickin’ tuna.




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7 comments on “Top Chef Boston Episode 11: Sous Your Daddy!

  1. A Famished Foodie
    January 15, 2015

    Did you watch the final last chance kitchen, too? I watched it cause I’m impatient, but this is the first year where they’ve actually shown who won the final one! Last year they kept it a secret until the actual episode aired.

    • thefoodandwinehedonist
      January 15, 2015

      Is it final? I guess so… I like that rather than stretch it out.

      Katsuji has been hilarious in LCK. Loved his out of the blue “Hashtag I took a risk”.

  2. Salty Sweet Life
    January 17, 2015

    You know, I usually have to avoid your posts because I run about a week behind on Top Chef, but I’m all caught up now! I noticed that George unslicked his hair too! funny! I’m so nervous about Gregory because I want him to win and he’s been flailing the past couple of weeks. By the way, we own one of those black Chrysler mini-vans…I’ve never thought of it as being bad-assed though!

  3. a2sicilian
    January 17, 2015

    I liked this episode…the family dynamics were sweet and funny.

  4. A2sicilian
    January 17, 2015

    You should watch “The Taste.” We had a food watching marathon last night with top chef and taste (which is 2 hrs long). An enjoyable and amusing evening.

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