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And the 2015 Oscar for Best Original Song Goes to…

The Academy Awards are this Sunday and I’ve once again failed to see ANY of the films nominated for Best Picture.   If that sentence sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because I wrote those same words when writing about last year’s Oscars.    I vowed again to see more movies last year but that clearly didn’t work out.

You know what else didn’t work out? My Can’t Fail 2015 Grammy Award Predictions.   I think with the Oscars, Grammy’s, and the Chicago Bears I’m batting around .014 in predictions.

But you know me – I’m not going to let years of miserable failures stop me from pontificating about things I clearly know nothing about.    And I know many of you – you love reading my miserable failures.

When the nominations for Best Original Song come out, there are usually some that were tossed in there that have zero hope of winning.  Not this time.   This year, each of the songs has a storyline that makes me think it can win.

Everything is Awesome from “The Lego Movie” – The movie itself was pretty good, but it got completely snubbed for Best Animated Film.   The song is a lot of fun but, as Pharrell Williams can tell you, that doesn’t necessarily mean shit.


Lost Stars from “Begin Again” – The storyline here is that it’s just a terrific song.  It was written by Gregg Alexander and Danielle Brisebois who I loved as The New Radicals.    And it was sung by one of my man crushes.


Glory from “Selma” – This already won the Golden Globe, but is favored here as it really captures the spirit of the film.   I’m a huge, huge fan of Common and John Legend.   But not as much as I’m a fan of John Legend’s wife.

From Sports Illustrated

From Sports Illustrated


Grateful from “Beyond the Lights”.    I’ve never even heard of this movie, but I did see that the song was written by Diane Warren.   This is the same person that was nominated seven other times for some of the worst dreck in music history sung by the like of Celine Dion, Faith Hill, and Starship.   Will the Academy feel sorry for her or will she continue to be the Susan Lucci of Oscar Songs?


I’m Not Gonna Miss You from “Glen Campbell… I’ll Be Me”   – Speaking of feeling sorry for someone – this was a documentary that followed the legendary Glen Campbell on tour as he was quickly losing his memory to Alzheimers.   I hate country, but like Glen Campbell.    This could win on the basis of sentimental votes.


My prediction: I think “Lost Stars” should win, but “Glory” will take it.    I really shouldn’t can’t complain about that, but…

From what I’ve read, the song only appeared as the credits were rolling at the end of the movie.   That’s gotta stop.   I think a song actually has to be IN the movie at some point – like “Lost Stars”. Ideally, it should be sung by the characters but I understand that not all movies can be musicals.   At very least, a song’s appearance in the movie needs to be an integral part of the storytelling, either through plot or by setting the mood.

There have been a few recent examples of winning songs that were actually used in the movie – Let It Go, Man or Muppet, and one my favorites 2008’s Falling Slowly from “Once”.

That song rightfully won as it’s a pivotal part of the movie and is just downright great.  But it also brings up a major beef I have with the nomination process.  Falling Slowly appeared on a couple albums in the five years between when it was written and when the movie was released.

Compare that to Come What May from “Moulin Rouge”


It’s a gorgeous song that was a big part of the movie and sung by the two lead characters.   However, it was ruled ineligible because filmmaker Baz Luhrmann originally wrote it for “Romeo + Juliet”. It wasn’t even used in the movie, but that was enough to disqualify it.

Maybe they should treat songs like screenplays and have two separate categories – one for Original Song and one for Adapted Song.  The bonus is that there would be more opportunities for musical numbers during the awards show.   Not that they ever have a problem filling up the 437 hours of the telecast.

If there had been an Adapted Song category this year, here’s the hands-down winner –


Did you see any of the best picture nominees? Any recommendations that isn’t named “Boyhood”?



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12 comments on “And the 2015 Oscar for Best Original Song Goes to…

  1. elizabeth
    February 20, 2015

    I’ve been meaning to see Foxcatcher but we had moved by the time it came to the local theater I would go to for my indie film fix, and I have no idea where the closest theater is to us now.

    I really wish they had a Best Soundtrack category (or even Best Adapted Song like you mentioned) because a.) so many Scorcese movies would have more Oscars attached to them and b.) Guardians would most definitely win either category this year.

    • thefoodandwinehedonist
      February 20, 2015

      Agreed! I was planning on including Goodfellas as an example – when the piano part from Derek and the Dominoes “Layla” played during the montage of all the mob hits.

  2. Michelle Williams
    February 20, 2015

    Even though “Glory” does only play during the credits it is a powerful conclusion to a powerful movie and in my opinion a great song. I’m pretty sure I sat in the dark theater and cried through the entire song. I think Guardians of the Galaxy had the overall best soundtrack of the entire year; however, I never saw the Lego Movie (though I would like to b/c I heard it was awesome).

  3. pegoleg
    February 20, 2015

    All fine choices. Loved the music in Once. Although there wasn’t any adapting on Come And Get Your Love – that sounded like the original greatness.

    • thefoodandwinehedonist
      February 21, 2015

      The Once Musical is touring and we saw it a couple weeks ago. Fabtastic, better than the movie. Def worth checking out

  4. ksbeth
    February 20, 2015

    i predict glory will win for music. and i loved foxcatcher very much.

  5. Yinzerella
    February 20, 2015

    I love “Come What May.” Just love it. Bummed that the Lana del Rey song from “Gatsby,” didn’t get a nom last year. It was great.
    Saw Birdman. Enjoyed it. No one I was with “got” it, though.

    • thefoodandwinehedonist
      February 21, 2015

      I have a feeling id like that one. There were a couple other notable snubs last year – Coldplay, Taylor Swift, ed Sheeran. Was a good year for oscar songs

  6. Hippie Cahier
    February 20, 2015

    I’m going to go with “Lost Stars” for the same reasons you give. I haven’t seen any of the nominees, but I hear good things about Theory of Everything.

    • thefoodandwinehedonist
      February 21, 2015

      That did look good. Kids for some reason want to see it so thats going to happen at some point.

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