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Guilty Pleasures: Anything Goes!

If you’ve noticed fewer posts here in the past couple months, I’ve got a good excuse. No, make that a GREAT excuse. It’s theater time again…

anything goes

Tickets are still available at

It’s my fourth year as music director for our school’s annual musical and each year gets funner and funner. This time around we’re doing the Anything Goes! which features classic songs from Cole Porter.


Actually, I think they can rightly call these “classical” songs by Cole Porter.   The show debuted way back in 1934, which is closer to Wagner and Tchaikovsky’s time than to now.   And you know it’s an old musical when it gets revived THREE times.



If you listened to the above clip of the title song, you would’ve noticed these lyrics –


If old hymns you like,

If bare limbs you like,

If Mae West you like,

Or me undressed you like,

Why, nobody will oppose.

When ev’ry night the set that’s smart is intruding and nudists party in studios.

Anything goes!


Plus more than a few references to gigolos. Obviously we cut those lyrics.

Honestly, when we started out the production I wasn’t terribly excited with the music. I had just seen the production of Guys and Dolls that my daughter was in and I was tired of the big band jazz musicals.

But, like every other year, the performers completely awed with their hard work and dedication.   Seeing them transform from regular kids to these colorful, radiant characters is the best part about doing this.   Eventually they won me over to where I really like a lot of the songs.

Such as  – You’re the Top


and my favorite – De-Lovely


Break a leg!!


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One comment on “Guilty Pleasures: Anything Goes!

  1. ksbeth
    March 27, 2015

    great and best of luck with the new show!

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