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F.A.Qs: John of The Food and Wine Hedonist

I recently had the honor of being interviewed as part of Flavorful World’s Cool Food Adventurers series.

Usually when I read interviews, I play this little game of “How would I answer that?” In my head, I always thought that it would be easy to just rip off some clever responses and that’s that. So when Flavorful World approached me for the interview I quickly agreed, assured that all those interviews I granted in my head would be enough to carry me through.

Ummmmm…. Nope. This was hard.

The reason for the difficulty was that Flavorful World did their homework. I thought it would be some slow pitches that would be easy to knock out out of the park. But he brought the fastball, curveball, change up, forkball, and double lactate ringer. (If that’s not a type of baseball pitch, it really should be.) The questions forced me to think about how I think, write, and cook. It also brought back some very fond memories, which is always a great thing.

I hope you enjoy this and please, please, please check out the awesome interviews and other posts at Flavorful World. It’s addicting.

Thanks FW!

Flavorful World: a Food, Wine, and Spirits Blog

Image credit: The Hedonist Image credit: The Hedonist

This month, our F.A.Qs series brought me to an engrossing blog called The Food and Wine Hedonist, where I interviewed John (the food blogging artist currently known as “The Hedonist”). John’s food blog, where I’ve been spending so much of my time as of late, is always honest, frequently hilarious, and a must-visit for any lover of television, music, and popular culture as well as food and wine. You’ll see what I mean when you get there. Just get there. After you finish reading this page.

Every so often, I’ll come away from an interview convinced that the subject is someone with whom I could strike up a better than average friendship in real life. This interview was one of those. From our shared views on wine traditions, the ubiquity of bacon, and how parental influence shapes one’s love of food and cooking, we seem…

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I don't know everything about the world of food and wine, but I'm not going to let a small detail like that stop me from blogging about it.

2 comments on “F.A.Qs: John of The Food and Wine Hedonist

  1. ksbeth
    March 31, 2015

    how cool and congrats on the great interview )

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