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Guilty Pleasures – The Spinners

OK, I call bullshit.

A few weeks ago I was watching the annual concert for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I only caught the last 30 minutes or so where they inducted Ringo Starr for his solo work.

I was curious to see who else was inducted this year and saw that Joan Jett made it in. Which had me a little bummed that I missed her performance because I wanted to see if she still looked like this –


I know it’s the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and not the Nobel Prize or Time’s Person of the Year.   Heck, it’s not even People’s Sexiest Person Alive.   But how the hell did Joan Jett get into the Hall of Fame?

Many consider her a female rock pioneer from her days with Runaways. They were one of the first (if not THE first) all-female rock band and scored a hit overseas with Cherry Bomb.


But it was only one song.  And her induction wasn’t under The Runaways.  It was for her solo career.


Quick – can you name any Joan Jett songs that anyone has heard of beyond this one?



And she didn’t even write the song!!  It was a cover.   Same with her later version of Crimson and Clover.


It’s even more of a headscratcher when you consider Chicago and Hall & Oates are pretty much considered a lock to NEVER be inducted.  Those two bands were a huge part of the 70s and 80s, but somehow aren’t cool enough to make it.

If Chicago and Hall & Oates won’t make it into the HofF, then it really depresses me to think that one of my favorite groups of all time has even less of chance.  I’m talking about a group that’s been around since 1961 and is still performing today.   A group that had half a dozen top hits.   A group that was THE biggest soul group of the 1970s.

I’m talking about The Spinners.  Here are two of their greatest…

I’ll Be Around

and their monster hit with Dionne Warwick – Then Came You


And my personal favorite, which has become of a staple at late night drunkfests around here  –

Could it be I’m Falling in Love


It’s a national travesty.

Do you remember The Spinners? Any other notable Hall of Fame snubs?



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3 comments on “Guilty Pleasures – The Spinners

  1. a2sicilian
    July 17, 2015

    I think I’ve seen a different video associated with that Spinners song…

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