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#TBT Recipe: Corn

Way, way, back in the beginning of this blog I used to do pro football predictions.   To tie it in with the site, I also spun a fruit or vegetable to pick winners of the games.    Don’t laugh – those essentially random predictions often beat a panel of ESPN experts.   If I chose more winners than the produce, I would feature it in a recipe or two.

Since very few people read the blog back then, I figured I’d repost the recipes now to a wider audience of ten.   And yes, I know it’s a lazy way to fill up space.   I’m only posting the recipes, but if you need help with filling out a fantasy football lineup, I’m there for you.

This week, two recipes using corn.  One’s complex as all heck, the other’s probably the simplest recipe you’ll read this week.


Crab Salad with Corn-Sheet Sauce

The first recipe is one that brings Molecular Gastronomy to the home courtesy of Grant Achatz, founder of Chicago’s Alinea.  I made it at a dinner group a year or so ago and it was delicious.  The corn is pureed and strained to get the juice, which is the basis of the sauce and then frozen in a thin sheet.  A section of the sheet is then placed on top of the salad.  It then melts at room temperature, evenly coating the salad.  It was a stunning presentation.  More importantly, the sauce had an intense buttery corn flavor that complimented the ingredients well.   Unfortunately, I can’t find my picture of it, so you’ll have to settle for this one from the NY Times.

Crab-Salad-w sheet corn


The recipe can be found here


Fried Corn


This recipe comes courtesy of Hollis, the guy who runs the farmstand at the Circle K gas station.  It’s a southern recipe and out of this world.


1 – Heat a tablespoon each of oil and butter in a pan.

2 – Slice the kernels from the cob and run the back of your knife on it get all the pieces and corn milk. ( I went straight into the pan).

3 – Fry the corn for about 5-7 minutes.

4 – Optional – season with salt, paprika, and/or cayenne.  We used just a hint of hickory smoked salt, but it tasted great without any seasoning.


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5 comments on “#TBT Recipe: Corn

  1. John Toti
    September 17, 2015

    Love your blog and thank you for doing this. Wanted to share a simple corn recipe that is more south of the border.
    -Lightly coat whole corn with olive oil and S&P
    -Grill over medium heat until golden brown on all sides. The corn will become noticeably lighter when it’s cooked.
    – Remove to plate and drizzle with Fresh lime juice and Maldon Sea Salt Flakes.

  2. the drunken cyclist
    September 17, 2015

    That’s all fine and dandy, but are the Eagles going to beat the Cowboys this weekend?

    • thefoodandwinehedonist
      September 18, 2015

      I say Eagles looking for redemption after laying an egg against ATL. Esp at home and with Murray playing against his old team. I’ll bet you a 1980s era Chadonnay on it.

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