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Two Hit Wonders – Vertical Horizon

Every so often there’s an artist or group who deserve some kudos for having the necessary qualities (= luck) to double the success of one-hit wonders like Gary Numan and Kajagoogoo.  If you think about it, Two-Hit Wonders are pretty special.  The number of musicians that have a whole collection of hits is probably too high to count.   But these guys – although unintentionally – stopped at exactly 2!!!

I was sitting on the couch and channel surfing when I came across a cooking show called “Dinner at Tiffani’s” featuring the once-gorgeous Tiffani Thiessen.


Ok, maybe “once-gorgeous” is a little harsh as she’s still quite attractive.   But compared to her 90s “90210” self….

tiffani 7-themescom



See what I mean? I wasn’t the only one who thought that she was quite the stunner. The band Vertical Horizon went as far as casting her in the video for their second-biggest hit “You’re a God” –



Remember that group?  Maybe?   That song was their follow-up to their monster hit – “Everything You Want”



That was such a great song and completely inescapable in the late 90s.   My musical tastes constantly evolve and many songs from that era usually are skipped when they come on – if they’re even still on my iPod.   But this one still gets played.

Unlike New Radicals, who chose not to continue recording, Vertical Horizon’s Two Hit Wonder status was achieved by getting screwed by the record company.   The company was going through a massive restructuring when the album was released and didn’t bother promoting it.   But, then again, if it was spectacular I’m sure the company would’ve found a way to do it.

Eh, to heck with all this music industry stuff.  Here’s another pic of Tiffani Thiessen.



Do you remember Vertical Horizon?  



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