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#TBT Recipe: Chile Rellenos

Way, way, back in the beginning of this blog I used to do pro football predictions.   To tie it in with the site, I spun a fruit or vegetable to pick winners of the games.    Don’t laugh – those essentially random predictions often beat a panel of ESPN experts.   If I chose more winners than the produce, I would feature it in a recipe or two.

At this point of that season I did predictions, I had a better record of predicting football games than every single one of ESPN’s panel of “experts”  – former players, coaches, and sports journalists who wanted to be players but either weren’t physically gifted enough or  just plain sucked at football so they gave up their dreams of glory, dollars, and chicks and took up writing so that they can learn how not to write a run-on sentence like yours truly.  So while they may be better writers, they can’t pick football games for shit.


Chile Rellenos


This week’s victim was a poblano pepper and several of his siblings.  I went all Mexican drug cartel on them by preparing chile rellenos.  Perhaps not the healthiest of choices, but they fill you up pretty easily so you probably won’t eat more than one or two.  I got this recipe from Epicurious.

-Eight to ten 7-inch green chiles (Anaheims, poblanos, or Big Jims), roasted and peeled, seeds intact, stems attached (procedure follows)

-3/4 pound grated mild Cheddar (about 3 cups)

-1/2 cup all-purpose flour

-2 1/2 teaspoons salt

-1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

-vegetable shortening for frying

-4 large egg yolks, beaten

-4 large egg whites, beaten until foamy

-1/4 pound grated sharp Cheddar (about 1 cup)

1 – Preheat broiler.

2 – Carefully cut a lengthwise slit in each chile and stuff with some Cheddar. Combine flour, salt, and pepper and dredge chiles.


3 – In a large saucepan, heat 1/2 inch shortening to 375°F. on a deep-fat thermometer. Fold yolks into egg whites. Working with 2 chiles at a time, using a slotted spoon, dip chiles into eggs and fry, turning occasionally, until golden, no more than a couple of minutes. With a slotted spoon transfer chiles (careful — they are delicate!) to paper towels to drain.

4 – Arrange chiles on a flameproof plate and sprinkle with sharp Cheddar. Broil chiles just long enough to melt cheese and serve immediately, accompanied by salsa if desired.


To roast peppers

Using a long-handled fork, char peppers over an open flame or on a rack set over an electric burner, turning, until skins are blackened, 4 to 6 minutes. (Alternatively, broil peppers on rack of a broiler pan under a preheat broiler about 2 inches from heat,turning every 5 minutes, 15 to 20 minutes, or until skins are blistered and charred.)   Transfer peppers to a bowl and let stand, covered, until cool enough to handle.   Keeping peppers whole, peel them, starting at blossom end.   Cut off tops and discard seeds and ribs.




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