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#TBT Recipe: Thai Beef Salad

Way, way, back in the beginning of this blog I used to do pro football predictions.   To tie it in with the site, I spun a fruit or vegetable to pick winners of the games.    Don’t laugh – those essentially random predictions often beat a panel of ESPN experts.   If I chose more winners than the produce, I would feature it in a recipe or two.

It was at this time that year that the Chicago Bears were officially were out of the running for the playoffs.  And, as I write this, they officially are out of the running for the this year’s playoffs.   Back then, I had just  found out about Chrissy Teigen’s food blog – – and went there for cheering up.

Think it’s time to revisit the site.

This Thai Beef Salad has become one of my favorites lately and it is really healthy if made with lean beef.  Even with smaller portions, it’s hearty enough to fill you up without extra the grains.   For more on healthy eating and portion control, check this awesome infographic from Positive Wellness.



Yum Nua Recipe (Thai Beef Salad)


This is her recipe that appeared in Shape magazine.  It’s super easy and very tasty.  The recipe calls for NY Strip, but I went to Whole Foods and if I was going to pay $20 a pound, it’s going to be front and center on the plate.  I went with skirt steak, because it’s cheap, cooks quickly and is flavorful.  I hate to brag, but this sucker came out PERFECT.

– Well-marbled New York steak, grilled to your liking, but preferably no more than medium rare (Note: Allow to rest at room temperature before slicing.)

– 1 small red onion, sliced into skinny wedges

– 1 bunch cilantro, coarsely chopped, no stems

– Large handful cherry tomatoes, sliced in half (or 1/2 vine-ripened tomatoes cut into wedges)

– 2 limes

– 1 tbsp. palm sugar (Note: Brown sugar may be substituted, but you may need to add more since it’s not as sweet. Use the minimum and adjust to your liking.)

– 1.5 tbsp. fish sauce

– Chili powder to taste

1 – Grill the steak as directed above and slice into thin strips after allowing to rest for 15-20 minutes. Add to a large mixing bowl.

2 – Because the palm sugar is so pasty, put it in a small bowl, add some of the lime juice and mush into a thick liquid form.

3 – Add non-vegetable ingredients, including lime juice, fish sauce and palm sugar, first into the steak bowl. Toss with your hands to incorporate all over the steak

4 – Add the rest of the veggies, toss and taste. Tasting as you go is the most important part.

5 – Add more fish sauce if it needs more salt, or more sugar if it is too lime-y.

She said – If you want to get fancy, mound into a shallow bowl or platter on a bed of frilly lettuce and garnish with lime wedges, additional cilantro and a chili pepper flower.

I served mine with Pad Thai.



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