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Top Chef California Episode 5: Big Gay Wedding

In the Elimination Challenge this week, the contestants catered a big group wedding for 25 same-sex couples and I was a little agitated at the concept of the episode.  Mainly because I hate when they do catering challenges.

What? Did you actually think I’d care about the whole gay marriage thing?

I don’t.  But if you’re still having trouble reconciling same-sex marriage and the Bible,  check out who chef/guest judge Art Smith is married to:



Padma got ordained as a minister for the occasion and officiated the mass wedding.   I’ve been meaning to write about this as I, too, am an ordained minister.

ULC diploma


All it takes to become a minister is $20 and a dream.  But mostly the $20.

I haven’t done any weddings yet, but have two lined up.   It’s just a matter of those couples getting off their asses and planning dates.


Quickfire Challenge
The great Chrissy Teigen was there as the judge.   They talked about her as supermodel, John Legend’s wife, and overall foodie.   What they didn’t mention is she has a food blog and has had formal training.    I’ve featured a couple of her recipes here before – her scallops and her Thai beef salad.   She is utterly hilarious.

Kwame was totally mesmerized by her.

Kwame 2


Their dishes had to tell the story of their best date (the romantic event) highlighting dates (the fruit). Winner gets immunity.

Bottom Three: Chad, Phillip, Carl
Top Three: Jason, Isaac, Giselle
Winner: Jason (Roasted baby carrots with deglet nour dates, brown butter & pine nuts).


Elimination Challenge
They had to work together to cater a group wedding for 25 couples.

Chad & Amar : Sherry-glazed pork belly with smoked orange marmalade
Jeremy: Citrus-roasted carrots with harissa yogurt, radish, baby kale
Wesley & Kwame: Pickled shrimp with cucumber onion salad, citrus vinaigrette & cahews
Jason & Angelina: Swiss Chard stuffed with braised chicken & caramelized honey sauce
Isaac: Dirty rice with smoked chicken & jalapeno sausage
Karen & Giselle: charred eggplant puree with asparags, smoked mushrooms, citrus vinaigrette and kumquats
Phillip & Kwame: NY steak with potato cream & eggplant tomato relish
Marjorie & Carl: Grilled apricots with cherries, mascarpone & hazelnuts

Top Dish:  There were too many to mention, but they landed on Wesley & Kwame’s as the best
Winner: Kwame for his sauce
Bottom Dishes: Karen & Giselle, Phillip & Kwame
Gone: Giselle


Random Thoughts

– It was pretty clear which two were the least favorites, so no suspense there. But it was refreshing that all of the other dishes were outstanding and a very difficult to choose a winner from.

– Giselle didn’t do shit and she got knocked for it and now she’s finally gone. I wasn’t impressed with her food throughout the competition, and her constant whining about how no one liked her was off-putting. I’m thinking Angelina’s next…
– Holy Balls, check out Phillip’s wife:

Phillip wife


– I was just in Miami this past weekend and wanted to see if I could find Jeremy’s and Angelina’s restaurants. Jeremy’s at Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Matador Room which sounded good, but not good enough to make us change our reservations.   On the show, Angelina is mentioned as working at a place called Tongue & Cheek. I Googled it and found out it was “Permanently Closed.” Should I be surprised?

– Geez Kwame, get a hold of yourself.

Kwame 1


– The commercial for the movie “The Big Short” was the most clever commercial I’ve ever seen.   The movie is about the housing and credit bubble, so the commercial had Anthony Bourdain talking about using leftover fish as an analogy for Collateralized Debt Obligations.   Awesome.

– My use of the words “Top” and “Bottom” were completely unintentional. Funny, but unintentional.

– Last Chance Kitchen – If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth checking out as it’s really casual and the dialog is often hilarious.  The themes for LCK are typically focused on what got the latest chef booted. In Giselle’s case, it was about her indecisiveness.   She did much better in this episode, but I didn’t think the dish was Top Chef-worthy.    Grayson is still in it.




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3 comments on “Top Chef California Episode 5: Big Gay Wedding

  1. anotherfoodieblogger
    January 11, 2016

    Great review. It almost makes me want to start watching the show. Almost. 😉

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