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The Wynwood Walls – Miami

We got out of the our dinner at Alter at 11 or so and were excited to see that the neighborhood was ALIVE.   Several of the art galleries were open and there were different gathering areas with live music, djs, artists tables, and food trucks. So much to see…

WW 3

WW 1

WW 5

Still regretting not buying this shirt…

WW 4 WW 2


The best part was the Wynwood Walls – 80,000 square feet of walls covered with graffiti/street art from artists all over the world.     I loved how people were free to touch and take pictures of them – zero pretense here.   And they were gorgeous, too.

WW 6 WW 13 WW 12 WW 11 WW 10 WW 9 WW 8



The Wynwood area had been sketchy for a while, but the walls and new restaurant scene have really brought it to life.  It’s terrific to see that art could do that – no shitty malls or stadiums like other cities try to do.

If you ever go to Miami, this is a can’t-miss excursion.



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