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I Need to Join a Barbershop Quartet

We’re still avidly listening to that new Detroit radio station, the one that plays all the hip-hop and R&B throwbacks.  In that time, I’ve come to some interesting observations:

  • I know more Mariah Carey songs than I’m comfortable admitting to…
  • What was that Eminem song again?  You know, the one where he’s really angry?
  • And, without doubt,  Tupac > Biggie.


Yeah, I said it.   So whatchoo gonna do about it Biggie?

And my kids have been loving it, too.  Although I find myself having to explain that people did in fact listen to – and love –  songs like Shaggy’s “It Wasn’t Me”

I remember laughing hysterically the first time I heard the song.    But when I was listening to it in the car with my kids, I started freaking out about the message.   It was pretty clear right off the bat that they interpreted it as pure buffoonery.   #winning

Then a couple of weeks ago, I came across this video of the Afternoon Delight Barbershop Quartet doing a cover of the song.



Like the original it’s the musical equivalent of “The Kramer”


I see…a sexually depraved miscreant, who is seeking only to gratify his basest and most immediate urges… like a cockroach clinging to a sewer grate… he is a loathsome, offensive brut. Yet I can’t look away… He sickens me… I LOVE IT!(


That got me thinking about barbershop quartets.   Specifically, how fricking RIDICULOUS the whole concept is.

Did barbers really hang out and sing together like that?  Would I really want someone trying to work out a harmony while working on my head with scissors and a razor blade?    Would I want someone that close to me singing loudly in my ear?

And then that got me thinking about barbers in general.  All of the ones I’ve been to – or at least the ones I was willing to go back to – did a pretty good job with my hair.  But  more often than not, they themselves had really BAD hair that I wouldn’t be seen in public with.

The one I went to in high school had hair that can only best be described as Lego-like –



Black, greasy, immovable, and stuck to his head like a helmet.

Then there was the one guy who had the Gordon Gecko/Donald Trump Jr slicked-back look.



Perfectly fine in the late 80s.  In 2005, not so much.

And then there was my stylist who became a Hare Krishna



But hey, that was a religious choice so I can’t knock him for that.

Despite questionable hair practices and the oddness of barbershop quartets, after seeing those guys do a cover of Shaggy  and  R. Kelly’s Ignition…


…. I GOTTA join one.   


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