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The Butter Coffee Biohack

I’m a sucker for weird, outlandish dietary experiments.

Remember when I did the Master Cleanse?  That’s the one where I drank lemonade for ten straight days to lose 14 pounds (a previous attempt resulted in 25 pounds lost).   That was doable because it was only a short duration and I was pretty desperate to lose some weight.   I’ve had some people suggest I try  raw foods and going vegan, but that’s like a permanent lifestyle change.  And, ummmm, they clearly don’t understand that pork is a religion to me.

A couple of months ago I was introduced to my newest latest bodily experiment.    I was having breakfast with someone and he was putting this weird yellow paste in his coffee and stirring it up.  I’m not a morning person and messing with my coffee is usually a prescription for a can of whoop ass.    But I was intrigued.    He called it “Bulletproof Coffee.”

For legal reasons, I can’t divulge who got me hooked on this.    You see, he explained to me that last year he started taking Adderall, the stimulant used to treat ADHD.   He doesn’t have ADHD.    But it’s not like he took it for pure recreational purposes, although I do know others who may or may not do that.

This person did it because he was an absolute machine when on it – he would go into work and was able to knock out a voicemails, emails, and a whole bunch of decisions with an extreme amount focus that sent his efficiency through the roof.   Eventually, his hookup for Adderall disappeared and that’s when he discovered Bulletproof Coffee.  He claimed it has a similar effect on him.


What is it?

Bulletproof Coffee is actually a brand name for something that’s generically called “Butter Coffee.”   It was popularized by Dave Asprey, a Silicon Valley exec who was hiking in Tibet where he was served tea mixed with yak butter.  He came back home and experimented with different ingredients to create the recipe.

It’s simple –

 – Two cups of black coffee.

 – 1-2 tablespoons of grass-fed, unsalted butter or ghee

 – 1-2 tablespoons of MCT (Mid-chain triglyceride) oil – a pure version of coconut oil


Blend for 30 seconds until frothy and drink as a replacement for breakfast.




The theory behind it is two-fold.   First, the extra fat in the morning keeps you sated and spreads out the release of the caffeine over a longer period of time.  Second, the MCT oil aids digestion while releasing chemicals that are helpful for brain activity.   The type of fat supposedly makes a difference as grass-fed butter has better nutritional value than that from cows that were corn or grain-fed.

Asprey claims it increased his  IQ by 20 points, aids cognition, and boosts weight loss efforts.  So, of course, he started selling the ingredients under the Bulletproof Coffee name – “Upgraded Coffee Beans”  and “Brain Octane” oil.

I’ve always been doubtful of branded ingredients that are supposedly superior to the other stuff right next to it on the supermarket shelf.    In this case, does the $25 a pound bag of coffee really have fewer mycotoxins (what causes bitterness in coffee and hinders brain performance)?        Maybe, but then again the coffee industry has already done that to all coffee and you need to drink 200 cups of coffee to get over the safe level of mycotoxins.     And is his MCT oil that much better than the stuff that sells for half the price at Whole Foods?   Yes, you read that right – Whole Foods is half-priced.

I’m not going to dissuade you from using Asprey’s stuff.    Mainly because they may come up to me and offer me a shit-ton of money to start promoting it here and I will gladly take it and promote the hell out of it even if it means that I’ll have to go back and undo all the hard work that I put into this post but really the hardest part of writing this is coming up with these witty run-on sentences I know you all have come to love or at least hope that you’ve come to love.

So until I start getting some Bulletproof Money, I’ve made a few modifications to the recipe.  First, my Moka Express-type pot only makes one cup at a time…



Then again, the “coffee” is a tar-like caffeine bomb.

I bought the MCT oil from Whole Foods and pre-mixed it with ghee from the huge jar I got from Costco for seven bucks.



The blended version does taste good – like a creamy latte with some deep savory flavors.   But the irony of it all is that it’s too much of a struggle for me to bust out the blender without having some coffee in my system.   So I just spoon it into my coffee and give it a quick stir before each sip to mix the layer of butter on top.



Does it work?

I’ve been doing this for a few months and can give you a definite maybe.

I do find that I’m much more alert in the mornings and get a lot of work done, but that could very well be the effects of the coffee bomb.     Sometimes when I have a bagel or big breakfast in my stomach, I find myself dragging a little bit.   So I do think that having all that fat curbs hunger for a few hours.  If only I can stop drinking all this booze and eating like a king (i.e. Elvis), I might be able to actually lose weight.

It could be very all psychological.  But, then again,  if it works…

And it makes my lips glisten –


Have you tried butter coffee?   Any other biohacks I should try?   Did you really think those were my lips?



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5 comments on “The Butter Coffee Biohack

  1. anotherfoodieblogger
    November 15, 2016

    Too bad I can’t drink coffee any more, as my mind could use a bit of a boost lately.

  2. thewineraconteur
    November 15, 2016

    You may need to loose a lot of weight if you are after those lips.

  3. Ellis Dunbar
    December 7, 2016

    Good Morning
    My name is Ellis and I work with Ninja Goat Nutritionals. Once I read your article, I found great interest in some of your ingredients and knowledge about butter coffee. I would love to tell you about my business and how I make butter coffee.

    Ninja Goat Nutritionals makes a product called fatCoffee, which is a quick and easy way to make butter coffee anywhere, anytime- and it’s made with 100% grass fed-butter and organic coconut oil.
    Would you be willing to try fatCoffee and let me know what you think about it? I’d be happy to provide a sample, if you can send me your mailing address.
    Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you soon.

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