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Top Chef Charleston Episode 6 – A Southern Legend

I was on vacation last week and only just saw the latest episode.  I was toying with the idea of saying

I’m running late on this post, so I’m going to keep it brief – the episode sucked.


I was also thinking of doing another 2-episode package deal like I did last time, but a) that was clunky and b) the next one might be pretty damn good and I’d hate to sully it with this one.

The Quickfire started off promising this week, with the appearance of Surgeon General Vivek Murthy


I never knew why the position had a uniform until I read a quick interview with him a couple weeks ago –

I wear the uniform of the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, which evolved from a Marine hospital system headed by a supervising surgeon, later given the title of surgeon general.


His key initiatives are to get people eating healthier, exercising more, and improving mental health and stress management.  All very awesome goals.


I really hated how this translated to the Quickfire.

 Healthier eating – they had to make a vegetarian version of comfort food classics – meatloaf, chicken pot pie, tuna casserole, etc.    I call bullshit.  While I agree that people should eat more fruits and veggies, we also need to eat meat.   The key to healthy eating is moderation – smaller portion sizes and everything in moderation.   If you want to show meat eaters  how to make a healthy dish featuring vegetables, don’t show them something they will never cook.  Show them how to make meat dishes healthier.

Exercise – the chefs could only get food items and cooking tools one at a time, so they had to do a lot of running around to prepare the dish.  DOn’t get me wrong, I do enjoy seeing them run around like idiots.  However, that’s how I do all my cooking – running around like an idiot back/forth back/forth.   So I didn’t exactly learn much there…

Mental health – If I had to go pure vegetarian, I’d go fucking nuts.   ‘Nuff said.


The Elimination Challenge also fell flat.   The chefs were making dishes that would pay tribute to Edna Lewis, a legendary New York-based black chef who was a critical champion of southern food.   She was described as having done for southern cooking what Julia Child did for French cuisine.    They discussed her impact with two experts on Lewis and went through her cookbooks prior to cooking.

It was very inspiring to hear of Lewis’ dedication, history, and approach to food.   But it didn’t really work for this challenge because we never really heard about her food itself.   We heard that she made a great fried chicken, liked seasonal ingredients, and some techniques.   But we have didn’t get any specifics on the food or if she even had a signature dish.   So the dishes came out, they looked awesome, and the dinner guests raved about how it would’ve done Edna proud.

But did the viewers feel it?  I sure didn’t.


Quickfire Challenge

Least Favorites – Sylva (chicken and dumplings), Casey (chicken pot pie), Katsuji (spaghetti and meatballs)

Favorites –  Emily (Meatloaf), Jamie (Sloppy Joe), Brooke (Lasagna)

Winner – Jamie


Elimination Challenge

Favorites – Jim (seared shrimp in smoked ham and turkey consomme), Sylva (fried halibut , Sheldon (pork and cabbage)

Winner – Sylva

Least Favorites – Amanda (duck), Emily (fried chicken livers), Brooke (fried chicken with lemon curd and blackberry)

Gone – Amanda


Random Thoughts

– It wasn’t a surprise that Amanda and Emily were in the bottom – they’ve been thoroughly unimpressive through the season.   Brooke is one of the best on the show but I think she got overconfident.

– From an entertainment standpoint, I’m glad Amanda is gone.  All we saw from her is her being scatterbrained and mediocre food.   They repeated her storyline about half a dozen times – she hasn’t cooked professionally in a couple years due to back surgery and she wasn’t sure she could do it, blah, blah blah…

– Another reason for hating the Quickfire – the favorites were pretty easy to translate to vegetarian dishes .  Veggie Lasagna is a no brainer and ground whatever is easy because you can chop up anything and spice it up.    But how you going to do chicken and dumplings or tuna casserole without meat?

– Speaking of, they didn’t show Sheldon’s take on tuna casserole.  He mentioned that he didn’t even know what tuna casserole was. (Another reason why Sheldon rocks)   Maybe he sat it out?

– Thankfully they haven’t done the “tell your story through food” challenge yet.  That’s usually a great challenge as it brings out the best in the chefs, but in previous years it’s been overdone.

– Like many of the chefs, I’ve never heard of Edna Lewis before.  And like them, I’m kind of ashamed at that fact.

– Last Chance Kitchen was also a little flat – Amanda and Silvia had to cook a dish using the ingredients that  Amanda used in her losing dish.  Amanda’s dish had some great elements, but Silvia’s won.    LCK has been great for Silvia not just for her food, but for the opportunity to see her adorable personality.  She’s been really charming…




– But couldn’t they get here to clear out that booger?




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