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Where to Eat in Any City

I know Ann Arbor isn’t exactly high on people’s lists as a vacation destination.    But we do get a quite a few visitors, either for athletic events or college visits to the University or maybe a business trip.   Then there are fools like yours truly – come here to check it out and end up staying like that last guy at the party who suggests ordering a pizza and watching Netflix at 2am when you’re ready to crash.  (I’ve been THAT person, too.)

For years, I’ve been writing restaurant reviews in this space for Ann Arbor (and other places throughout the world) so you’d know exactly where to eat.   But I realize that typing in F-O-O-D-A-N-D-W-I-N-E-H-E-D-O-N-I-S-T-.-C-O-M can be too much of a struggle for some people, even more so if you’re still typing in “WWW.” in front of that.    The easiest solution is to bookmark the page and you can get instant access to all this wonderful content.

But what if you don’t know how to bookmark a site?  Or you’re going to a city that I haven’t graced with my presence?

Lucky for you, I’ve recently signed on to be the Ann Arbor contributor for Eater Detroit.   If you’re not familiar with Eater, it’s a a terrific resource for the hottest restaurants and bars in just about every major city in the US.   You can count on Eater to get you the latest restaurant news and trends and, unlike other sites where any asshole with a computer or smartphone can type in a review, Eater contributors are locals who know what the hell they’re talking about.  I’ve used those other sites before and have gotten burned by some of the results.   I could’ve saved myself the heartache by checking the reviewers’ other submissions where I would have seen that they consider Cracker Barrel to be haute cuisine.

What’s particularly great about Eater are the interactive maps.   Each are focused on a particular topic and you can read brief descriptions about different locally-owned options and see exactly where they are.    With the maps you can find stuff like the best places for ramen in Atlanta  or the hottest new restaurants in Seattle.

So far I’ve published two maps.    11 Essential Ann Arbor Restaurants takes a look at places that, either through quality, history, or just certain other intangibles, gives diners a true sense of the spirit of Ann Arbor.




The other map I did was 9 Places to Grab a Cocktail in Ann Arbor which, conveniently, is a list of 9 great places to grab a cocktail in Ann Arbor.



Coming soon are maps around wine, beer, late-night eats, and a round-up of the latest openings.

I’m going to be contributing regularly, so please DO check out the maps for  Ann Arbor.  Or any other city, whether you live there or are just visiting.   But especially the ones for Ann Arbor.

And definitely learn how to bookmark sites.  Jeesh.



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9 comments on “Where to Eat in Any City

  1. Mel & Suan
    January 12, 2017

    Oh did not know about this place. Now we know! Michigan is not a state that is on our radar. Perhaps someday!

  2. thewineraconteur
    January 12, 2017

    John, that is an awful lot to ask that I now bookmark you as well. I think that is great that others will get to read your reviews. You are the man.

  3. ksbeth
    January 13, 2017


  4. Donald McKenzie
    January 14, 2017

    Great, Don’t know if I’ll ever get to Ann Arbor, but I’ll know where to look if I do.

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