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Best Impulse Buy Ever

There are impulse buys and there are impulse buys.    At grocery stores they put a whole bunch of cheap, random stuff by the registers in the hope that a person says, “Hey, I need that!” and throws it in their cart.    That’s where they also put the tabloids with wild headlines about some former president getting some on the side, some washed up celebrity looking like a crackhead, or some redneck country star’s tearful break-up.

There was a block party last Saturday and a few of the neighbors were talking about going to the U2 concert the next day in Detroit.   The band’s been touring and performing the Joshua Tree album in it’s entirety to celebrate its 30th anniversary.   I remember seeing them back in college when that album just came out.  Shit I’m old.    It was cool that they were doing that and friends I know who saw the band in Chicago raved about the concert.  Those friends paid several hundred dollars a ticket and I was in no mood to pay that kind of money and I did see them a few years ago.

The next morning, I was talking to Boom Boom about the night before and about the concert.  We both looked at each other and said it’d kinda be cool to see them.  But that price…. A few hundred bucks can pay for a lot of booze.   I remember seeing concerts way back when and paying like 10 or 15 bucks.  Shit I’m old, part 2.

Later that day I was playing golf and was texting with her. I n those few short hours both of us started thinking more and more about the concert.   I told her to go ahead and find tickets, because it’s not like we’re NOT going to buy booze even if we bought them.   She found some for $98 and I was thinking that they were like the seats when I saw them 30 years ago – 4th row from the top of a monstrous stadium.

It wasn’t until we got there that we realized they were General Admission on the floor.   If it were just me, I would’ve gangstered up to the very front.  But Boom Boom doesn’t like crowds and we had two of the Pieholes with us.   So I was pretty much expecting to be standing way back.

Then they came out for “Sunday Bloody Sunday”.


There was a little outcropping away from the main stage and we were able to get super close.  Since most of the crowd were in the “Shit I’m old” age range, there wasn’t much squishing and certainly no mosh pit.  So it we were comfortable as all heck.

I really wish I had brought a camera, but the iPhone didn’t do too badly…


U2 1U2 2u2 3u2 4u2 5u2 6u2 9


They were AMAZING.  They sounded fantastic and the visuals were stunning.   As a guitarist, I was completely enthralled by all of the sounds that Edge was able to coax out of his instrument.

Then there were the songs.   Before they even started playing Joshua Tree, they played my two favorite U2 songs – “Bad” and “Pride”


During “Mothers of the Disappeared” someone with really long grey hair joined them on stage.  They were on the main stage which was far away and, even though the camera wasn’t on that person, I could tell it was the great Patti Smith.

u2 7

And her voice still sounded powerful.

What a show.  I’m so glad we got the cheap tickets as it totally made the experience.   Easily one of the best impulse buys ever…

Outside of that Weekly World News edition with Bat Boy.

BatBoy blumhousecom.jpg


Here’s one more –


Do you have a favorite U2 song?  Have you seen them in concert?  Have you seen Bat Boy in concert?

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7 comments on “Best Impulse Buy Ever

  1. Michelle Williams
    September 8, 2017

    We saw them in Dallas in May. It was incredible.

  2. ksbeth
    September 8, 2017

    so lucky! and i’ve never seen them live but would love to –

  3. givememeatloaf
    September 9, 2017

    This post is SO crazy in timing. My best friend from home (Michigan) is driving down today (to Chicago where I live), and we’re headed to Indy tomorrow night to see them for the 5th time! The first time we saw them was TWENTY ONE years ago, 5th row, at Soldier Field – which made me say, shit, we’re old. 😀 We also have general admission – and glad to hear it’s not too crazy on the floor. Again, too old for that. Bad, Please, Exit and Dirty Day are some of my favorites! AH! Can’t wait!

    • thefoodandwinehedonist
      September 11, 2017

      How was it ?!?

      • givememeatloaf
        September 14, 2017

        Amazing, as always! I was really surprised with how America-centric their videos were – was really powerful. And somehow that guy still has a great voice. Loved every minute!

  4. dwdirwin
    September 10, 2017

    I’ve seen U2 like 4 or five times- last time in 2011 I think? And I remember walking around thinking, “Geez there are a bunch of old farts here” and the inevitably disappointing conclusion that I must be one as well. Waiting impatiently for Bat Boy to announce his new tour 😉

    • thefoodandwinehedonist
      September 11, 2017

      I think last time I saw them was 2011, too. I had just gone to Lollapalooza a month before so that was culture shock going from carefree writhing hipsters to old farts who could barely manage a fistpump.

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