The Food and Wine Hedonist

leave your inhibitions at the door


The views and opinions expressed on this blog are mine alone and do not represent the views and opinions of my employer.

You should not rely on anything in this blog as legal, financial, accounting, investment, tax, or any other kind of regulated advice.  I can’t imagine wine pairing being regulated advice, so we’re probably ok.  But if a pairing I suggest is lousy, it could be you’re a lousy cook or you bought cheap-ass wine.  Either way, it’s your fault.

Eat, cook, and drink responsibly.  I can’t be held liable for any accidents you have while cooking or any foolish thing you do (or is done to you) while intoxicated.  And I certainly can’t be held liable for cooking accidents while intoxicated.

I may provide links to other websites for your convenience and information.  These sites operate independently and may have their own privacy policies in place, which I suggest you review if you visit any linked sites.  To the extent you visit any linked sites, I am not responsible for their content or any use of such sites.

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