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What the Summer Olympics were Missing

I’m getting bummed that the Olympics are almost over.   Not only have I enjoyed watching the actual games, I love all the story lines.  Like, would Michael Phelps and … Continue reading

August 19, 2016 · 10 Comments

Pac-Man Fever

It’s a monstrous weekend for sports fans.   Basketball and hockey fans, if they haven’t had enough of their 9,425 game seasons now have the playoffs.   A bunch of women … Continue reading

May 1, 2015 · 3 Comments

The 2014 Winter Olympics are here!

It’s no secret that the only sport I regularly watch is football and I get grouchy whenever the temperature dips below 70 degrees.  But there are many things about the … Continue reading

February 7, 2014 · 19 Comments

Super Bowl Music – Giving New Meaning to NFL

This Sunday is the Super Bowl, where the two best teams in football – the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos – play to determine the NFL championship.  For the past … Continue reading

January 31, 2014 · 6 Comments

Presidents vs. Pro Wrestlers

I think you can categorize this post as “absolutely nothing to do with food, wine, music, or Lindsay Lohan.” Or as my wife, Boom Boom, would say – “further evidence … Continue reading

January 7, 2013 · 19 Comments

5 Songs From Former Football Players

It’s football season!!!  And by that I mean AMERICAN football, not that soccer stuff.  As I’ve mentioned before, the only sports I watch regularly are Chicago Bears games.  Baseball, hockey, … Continue reading

September 7, 2012 · 4 Comments

Bringing Back the 90s! – The Decade in Sports

It’s the last Friday of the month, so it’s that time where I inundate the web with all kinds of nostalgia to kickstart the big 1990s retro fad!  Here’s a … Continue reading

July 27, 2012 · 9 Comments

Football! Week 15 – Thai Beef Salad (aka Supermodel Food)

Damn, the Bears season is basically over.  I’m pissed.  And don’t give me that “They got Tebowed” bull.  Tebow was pretty much pwned until the last two minutes.  Then, the … Continue reading

December 14, 2011 · 7 Comments